Here we have no doubt that life becomes so hard for anyone.  If life becomes hard for a person, it also does not mean that his life will be difficult forever.

At the opposite time you feel that your life is full of difficulties, but when you are happy and all the work is being done according to you, then you do not feel at all that your life is easy.

Someone has told the truth that a person remembers God in sorrow, when all the days of happiness come to him, then all his complaints go away and he feels that he himself is responsible for all these situations.

But just like that, if the person faces difficult situations, then he puts all his credit on God or somewhere else.  Just like when your life is going smoothly, you take credit for it yourself.

Whenever you face a difficult situation and you feel that your life has become very hard, then you should also take responsibility for all these. But nowadays this trend is going on, good things are dedicated to own and bad work is dedicated to others.

Reasons Behind Someone’s life Hard

Reasons Behind Someone's life Hard
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Friends, there is definitely a reason behind any good deed and bad deed.  When we get a good result, then we forget the reason behind that result and similarly when we are victim of a bad result, we first discuss the reason behind it.

Likewise, here are some reasons which can often be responsible for making our life hard.

You are not taking any responsibility

Do you think that not taking responsibility for any of your things can be responsible for making your life difficult?

Friends, according to me, this can be considered the biggest reason in making the life hard of most of people.  Because when we do not know about our responsibility, then we stand there in the category of unsuccessful people.

When we begin to know the responsibility of our work, you will probably never get free time from your work.  As far as I believe those people who are busy with some work in their life, they never need to feel life hard.

Because they are busy with their work, they do not get time to think anything extra.  They enjoy doing their work and those who do not understand their responsibility, they often sit without work and complain about their lives being difficult.

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You may be lazy – Reason For life hard

You consider your life difficult, somewhere behind it, your laziness may be a reason.  Till now you have not really understood your life.  Maybe you think that your routine is perfect.

Friends, until a person can get out of laziness, he is not really able to keep any information about the world.

You probably feel that whenever you do something, this is the right time to do that work, but maybe you have to get out of this mindset.

So Much Confusion

There are many people who are very confused about each small task, they think too much to take any small decision.

Where you do not have to be confused, you will not be able to get your floor even if you are more confused.

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You are so selfish

Your being more selfish than necessary may be a big reason for making your life more difficult.  I believe that in today’s time everyone is selfish for themselves.  Suppose you are a selfish person who only you know. If you are not a selfish person in the eyes of other people then you are not really selfish.

Everybody is a bit selfish, but when a person becomes very selfish and he starts coming in front of people.  Then people stop cooperating with him.  Later on, no situation becomes easier with that person.  Because now he does not get any help in any way.

You have no time for yourself

When you do not have time for yourself, you will never think of taking time for someone else.

Perhaps this question will come in your mind, if a person does not take time out for himself, then how can his life be hard.  The right thing is if we want to connect these two directly, then they are not able to connect.

The most important logic behind this is that when a person does not think about taking time out for himself to improve himself or does not make plans about how he should act in the future.  So, what do you think he will be able to deal easily with this situation coming in future?

What can he do to know, but it is certain that he will definitely experience some difficulties in future?

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You get angry easily

You get angry easily -
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When a person easily becomes a victim of anger, then he may have been able to live easily in a difficult situation.  Because the biggest reason behind that person’s anger is that he does not easily understand the situation how he should handle it.

And that person gets angry instead of handling that situation.  If at that time he thought of a way to make that task easy with a calm, he can also make it successful.  Because of anger, a person transforms every easy life into a difficult life.

You are not believing in practical

Perhaps you do not believe in doing any work in reality.  You always start thinking about that task in your mind and by thinking it in your mind, you also complete it.

And only the negative aspects of that work come in your mind. If you believe in doing that work in practically then you never need to think about it more than necessary.

But before you do that task, think of any consequences in your mind and you are not able to do that work and you feel that the task may be difficult for you.  If you start much thinking before doing every such work, then in reality your life will be very difficult.

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You are extra smartness making your life hard

More than Need you think for yourself as smart or more intelligent than other people, this can also be the reason that you feel that your life has become hard.

Suppose when you are with your friends and you always do something that makes your friends feel that you are not really intelligent but you pretend to be intelligent without any reason.  Perhaps your friends will leave you on an edge in the coming time.

You may be belonging rich family

May your family be very rich or not, it can also cause difficulties in your life.  Because really you don’t know much about the world.

But when you move forward in your life, without the support of your family, then you really feel that your life is definitely hard somewhere.

Because you live from a wealthy family, you never needed to come forward to make a deal with someone.  Everything was already provided to you.

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Your thinking so much a reason for life hard

Thinking too much can sometimes become a big crisis in your life.  You feel when you are unable to control your thinking even if you want to.

Guys, suppose your exam is going to start next month and you are not preparing for the exam and you are just thinking that your exam is going to come and you have to prepare for it.  Thinking like this, you spent the entire month.  Do you think you will be able to pass that exam easily?  Because instead of preparing for that exam, you wasted all your time thinking.

Enter in new relationship

It may also be that your life has become hard.  When a person enters into a new relationship with someone, at that time he often forgets how to deal in that situation or he is unable.

At that time a situation can also happen to you when you come into a relationship with someone, then you forget all your actions and start giving priority to only one thing, as a result, your coming time becomes somewhere hard.

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Social reason to make life so hard

It is a fact in reality that nowadays, the society has started contributing a lot in increasing the difficulties of people in their lives.

Because in today’s time no one is happy at all by seeing the people of their neighborhood.  If you ever notice, if a neighbor makes progress, then his neighbors or relatives are happy to say it but in reality, they are definitely jealous of seeing his progress somewhere.

Lack of money – Reason for life hard

Friends, if we look at the situation some time ago, then we see that in earlier times most people had only this mentality that they do not mean to earn more money.  They lived for their present time.

But when we talk about today’s time, everyone is busy making money.  If we talk about money and relationships then people like to choose money.  They do not care about the relationship.

Today, if a person progresses in any work, then his neighbors and other family members also do not like that progress.  They show some bad things in their goodness.

Everyone does not help anyone without any selfishness.  Now you can know about the situation of a single person, how many problems he is facing after all.

Money making competition has made life so hard for people.  You also know that in today’s time no small work can be done without money, for every small work when you go out, you definitely need money to complete it.

Lack of money has become a major challenge for humans.  Due to lack of money, every task becomes difficult for them.  Therefore, you can understand that in today’s time it is very important to have money.  Otherwise, nothing survives in your life except struggle.

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Ignoring behave of people for each other

People have become so busy with their tasks; they have completely forgotten to carry on their relationship.  If any of their relatives also comes to their house then they have no time at all to spend some time with their relatives.

If a person has no meaning with other person then he does not even like to talk to him.  And when a person needs the assistance of a person, then he gives full importance to fulfill his selfishness.

Jealously for each other

Seeing the progress of their friend, jealousy has become a habit of all people.  But here also we cannot say that every person is jealous of each other.  But most people are not happy to see each other’s progress.

People want to block each other progress. It is just trying to stop the progress of whoever is progressing in their career and that person comes down.  Friends, if every person in our society has started having such feelings, then our life cannot be easy in any way.

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Challenge to keep yourself healthy

The person who fails to keep himself healthy is probably the one who can’t live his life easily.  Because for him, the challenge of staying healthy has come.  He is not able to do anything active.

And the second reason is that nowadays our food and drink is also very fast.  We have no time to compare all the things which are most beneficial for our body, which things are harmful.  We easily eat whatever comes in front of us and that suits our test.

The person who fails to keep himself healthy, his life can never be easier going forward.  After some time, he will start facing tough challenges and gradually his life will become hard.

Disappear helping nature of people

In today’s time, people never keep it in helping each other.  When it comes time to help someone, they turn away from them.  Ignore them.  Now friends, when you are in trouble and no one is ready to help you, do you think your life can be easy.

Perhaps according to me, every small task can become a challenge for you and it will take more time to complete the work which takes less time to do.  Because you have to do it without anyone’s help.

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Lesson to change your life hard to easier

Whatever may be the reason behind life is hard depends on your actual situation.  But with that, if someone’s life is hard, then there is some instruction for him too, which, keeping in their mind, may prevent his life from becoming so hard.

There will probably be someone who likes that his life should be stricter.  Yes, it is absolutely true that a person who works hard for his work, his life is definitely easier going forward.

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Believe in practical

I plan to do something; I believe that we should not do any work without planning.  But we should also keep in mind that planning work cannot success that work.

Along with planning, you should not delay in making any work practical.  Because when you are planning for a task and you are not doing it, then after some time some thoughts come to your mind, after which you feel that you will not be able to do this task.  Because negative thoughts start coming in your mind.

Therefore, you should believe in making any work practical without delay.  This will not spoil your time.  And people who believe in practical their business can easily handle in difficult life.

Your life control in your hand

When the control of our business is not in the hands of an honest man, then that business can never run properly, in which you do not always see anything other than loss.

This rule also applies to your life if no one has control over you, then it is a good thing that you are taking every decision yourself.  But when a person has control over someone else, sometimes he takes wrong decision even without wanting it.  That wrong decision is enough to make his life hard.  So, you should make sure that you should take every decision according to you.

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Hard time for short period

This is seen when a person has a difficult time in his life, he becomes hopeless.  He starts to feel that now his life will never go through this difficult time and he will remain with similar problems.

But it never happens that always the hard times remain in a person’s life, it comes only for a short time.  And at the same time, you have to handle it easily.

Never underestimate yourself

Friends you should never underestimate yourself.  This is the biggest mistake of a person when he starts to underestimate himself.  This is where his life becomes hard.

When you start thinking of yourself as weak, you are never able to fight for yourself.  People start judging you as they wish.  It is only in your hands to make your life difficult and successful.  Now the way is for you to choose.

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Patience is different from waiting

It is both different things to be patience and wait.  When you not able to figure out the meaning of these two, then it becomes your biggest mistake.

Waiting is for a certain time and you have to be patience, depending on the situation.  But where you need to wait, you start to be patience by not waiting and where you have to be patience according to any situation, where you are waiting without any reason, then your balance of life will deteriorate completely.

Don’t waste your time in fighting

There is someone you do not like at all; it is perhaps that it hinders some of your work or causes another problem.  But here you do not need to waste time by fighting with him.  You should think there how you can do that person in a side.  You should move ahead by doing it on the side.

Look, think, planning, do it

I agree that someone life sometimes so hard, but you have to get ahead of that difficult time.  If life is hard then you must make it easy.

When any problem comes in your work, first of all you should see why it is actually happening to you.

Then a plan should be prepared to get rid of it.  Then without waste time you should go ahead and do it.

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Everyone has to face bad situation

Many times, when a person starts having problem after problem, then he actually starts feeling that all the problems are happening with him.  But in fact, if it is seen then it happens to every person.

Every person has a bad situation in their life, but it does not mean that the bad situation is coming only in front of you.

Don’t miss to have fun in your life

Don't miss to have fun in your life -
Image source pixabay

Friends, you all know that we get life for a limited time, then we should never waste any time in this life.  Your effort should be to be able to enjoy every single moment of your life.

When you learn to enjoy every single moment, life is probably difficult in your dictionary as if everything disappears completely.

Make a goal

Setting goals is very important to make every task successful.  When you walk without aiming, you can never reach your destination.  And your path will also get harder.


Friends, some things have come here in front of us, due to which our life becomes so hard and there are some things which if we apply to ourselves, then perhaps our life will become easier to some extent.

Your life is still hard, there are some reasons behind it, such as you are probably unable to take responsibility for a task.  Do you know if you become more confused before taking any decision?  Or you don’t have time for yourself.  You have read many such things in this article, due to which your life may be so hard.

You tried to know about the reasons behind life being difficult here, along with this you should also know that if your life is too difficult, then how can you try to make this life a little easier.

First of all, you should study yourself and try to find out where exactly you are making mistakes.  You should always believe in practicality.  Trying to build a building after thinking should be stopped.  Never think of yourself as less than others.  There are many such things that you can take a step towards making your life easier by applying them on yourself.


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