Friends, celebrate Valentine’s Day has become a fashion in today’s time.  But there are very few people who really know the story behind celebrating Valentine’s Day. Most of the people who do not know what is the reason behind celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Friends, we all celebrate many festivals – But we never try to know why we are celebrating this festival.  What is the reason behind this which we celebrate every year like a festival?

Enthusiasm can be seen from younger to elders in celebrating Friends Valentine’s Day.  But when we get to know the reason behind celebrating something. Our passion towards it becomes even more true. The fun of celebrating that festival doubles.  So today we will try to find out the reason behind celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Because people have been celebrating Valentine’s Day for a long time and it is very old in history, due to which there is no strong evidence about it.

What is valentine’s day / Valentine day history?

What is valentine's day / Valentine day history -
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Friends, we celebrate Valentine’s Day Remembering of Saint Valentine.  Here also we try to know what is the real story of valentine’s day. Saint Valentine’s was an ordinary pastor.  But he did something for the lovers that even today we celebrate in the month of February.  It said that in the third century of Rome there was a king named Claudius.  A situation had arisen in front of the king, due to which he had to recruit soldiers in his army for the protection of his kingdom.  And someone told the king that the people are getting weaker due to falling in love.  They are not at all keen on leaving their house.

On hearing all these things, the king is a little worried and later brings a decree for the People, under which it told that all the love marriages that take place in the state are banned.  In such a situation, now no one was willing to face the king.  In such a situation, Saint Valentine appeared as the protector of those lovers.  It said that Saint Valentine’s at that time contributed a lot to all the couples who wanted to get married.  And many love couples married by Saint Valentine.  Claudius gets to know all these things and he orders Saint Valentin to go to jail.

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It said that when the saint valentine went inside the jail. the jailer there introduced his daughter to saint valentine.  And the jailer told Saint Valentin that his daughter could not see through the eyes.  And the jailer pleaded before Valentin to pray to God to return his daughter’s eyesight.  Friends, it said that after the jailer said this, Valentin also prayed to God for his daughter and his daughter’s eyesight had also come.  After getting the eyesight, when his daughter comes to jail and sees Valentin for the first time. both of them fall in love with each other.

When King Claudius knew the girl and Valentin’s love, the king opposes the two’s love and orders them not to marry.  But Valentin did not agree on it at all.  Friends, It told that after this, King Claudius becomes even more angry with Valentin and he gave the decree for Valentin.  After this, Valentin wrote a final love letter for his girlfriend and at the end of the letter he wrote from your valentine.  After this, the king hanged Valentin on 14 February and friends, since the same day, people always remember Valentin on 14 February.  And this month is most liked for expressing their love.

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Why Valentine’s Day celebrated?

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Friends, sometimes it may also come to your mind why we are celebrating Valentines.  Now friends, this is not the case. On 14 February, God himself comes and meet loving couples.  It becomes just a matter of our faith.  And to celebrate anything, it is not necessary to have an important reason. just to have a desire in our heart to celebrate something.

What is the actual situation of valentine day?

Friends, there are two aspects to everything, one is good and one is bad.  Now it is for us to decide which aspect we should follow.  In such a situation, you too may have noticed that people have started cheating among themselves in the name of Valentines.  People do not hesitate to betray one another.  In such a situation, valentines have no meaning for these people.  Because these people do not have true love among themselves, they simply resort to this valentine to take advantage of each other.

And when we talk about other aspects, we also get to see that even today people are those who truly love each other.  And they make some special moments with each other on Valentine’s Day to show love to each other.

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What is Real fact in present time about valentine’s day

In today’s time, people have started being very busy in their daily routine. They are forgetting to take time speak to each other. In such a way, we get a good time in the name of Valentines, due to which we leave our important works and take time for our love.  By the way, every festival has love.  No festival tells us to be hostile to each other at all.  In the same way, we have Valentine’s Day in February, which we celebrate on February 14, it is dedicated to those who love to their love directly.

Before valentine celebration days

Before valentine celebration days -
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Friends, We try to know about Real story of celebrate Valentine’s Day, not only one day in February, but also before February 14, it has divided into many parts to make it more exciting.  Due to which this whole month becomes very important for lovers.

  • Rose day – Rose Day celebrated on the 7th of February, in which the lover tries to show love to their lover in front of them by giving a rose.
  • Propose day – After giving a rose to their love, the lover proposes it on February 8, we celebrate it as Propose Day.
  • Chocolate Day – This is also very important for these lovers. On this day 9th Fab expresses love to each other by giving each other chocolate.
  • Teddy day – Friends, on this day, the boyfriend presents his girlfriend with a teddy bear, and there is a feeling that when she feeling alone without her lover than she can huge teddy bear which was given by her lover.  Friends Teddy Bear Day celebrated on 10 February.
  • Promise day – People celebrate the day of February 11 as Promise Day, on this day lovers promise to stay together forever.
  • Hug day – Celebrated on 12 February as Hug Day, on this day, for the first time, the lovers make physical close together and for the first time they take each other.  There is no better activity than to hug someone to show love with them, so this is consider to be the most important day.
  • Kiss day – On 13 February, the couples kiss each other to celebrate this day because even they have come to know each other well and only after that they are probably able to decide, they can kiss to each other without any fear.
  • Valentine day – And on the day of February 14, people celebrate the name of Valentine’s Day, on this day they are happy to be with each other and to express this happiness, they will do everything for each other’s happiness on February 14.

Friends, based on the discussion here of Real story of valentine’s day. we do not do any kind of claim. This information has collected only through the Internet. we have tried to tell you something in a good way.

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