When we like someone, we are not dare to go straight to her because most of the boys are shy. We have to find out signs that a guy likes. And it is not even a normal thing that we should go and speak to someone directly.  We like someone, but we are not able to go directly to her and say that because behind him there is a doubt in our mind whether in front likes you or not.

If the person in front likes you, then you can easily go to him and say that you like him.  You cannot have any kind of trouble anywhere in it.  But when we for the girl in front are not sure whether that girl likes you or not.  So, there is a fear of losing our respect somewhere in our mind.

Friends, you know that all people take great care of their respect.  And this issue also remained such that people do not think for laughing.  People just need a chance to speak a little and people stand ready to give you a taunt.

Listen you carefully

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A guy likes a girl but only that Guy knows this.  Because the Guy is not able to say in front of anyone that he is liking the girl and can find out only by looking at his signs, is he likes or not.

When we have respect for someone in our heart, this respect comes in our heart when we like it.  The simple thing is, if you do not like someone, then how can there be respect for him in your heart.  That is why when a guy likes a girl, he becomes very carefree for everything.

When that girl shares some things with him, you can see that the guy listens to the girl’s words very carefully.  The guy tries to handle each situation comfortably to get her attention.

He will be jealous when you talk to another Guy

This situation arises in front of someone when we like a girl but are unable to tell her.  So, there is no surety about the relationship with you for that guy.  That is why when you talk to a guy and that guy is also there, then you will see that the guy will be a little jealous.

Now how he brings his jealousy to the people depends on the guy.  But it is absolutely certain that the guy must be jealous.  He does not even have the right to tell you at that time that you should not talk to that guy, that guy can only bring such thoughts inside his mind.

He wants to see you once in a day

This is also a good signs if we got it, the guy who likes a girl definitely tries to see girl once a day in any way.  This is not a very difficult task but that guy is unable to tell you his feeling of heart.  For this, that guy may take 1-2 rounds towards your home or he knows about your time schedule, then he will reach your place according to which you always go.

If you are currently studying in a middle school or college, then that guy will definitely come towards your school or college and he will definitely see you at least once.

Start taking breathe deeply

You can see this when the guy loves you with his heart.  When the two of you sit together, you can notice that the guy becomes abnormal.  Somewhere he is afraid that he may not make any such mistake due to which you feel bad. So, whenever that guy is near you, he will do the activity only after thinking.

He will invite you in family function

If the guy likes you, he will not leave any chance in which he can meet you and spend more and more time with you.  That is why that guy will try to invite you to every family event and he will always try to possible you attend his family’s event.

He would also like to introduce you to his family member during the family program.  And when you meet with his family member, he will also speak a few things in your praise so that he can establish a good attitude towards you in the minds of his own family and maybe it will be somewhere in his mind That he can also impress you a little bit.

Every time in your side

This is also a very good signs for you to find out if the guy likes you or not.  Whenever you are together in a group of friends or you are studying together in school or college.  You will definitely get to see that whenever a situation comes in front of you in which you need someone’s support, then that guy will definitely stand in your support on your side.

Perhaps you will be able to find this very easily because such situations keep coming up in school when you need someone’s help.  And do you know that the guy will always be standing with you but you will never notice this thing.  You must definitely notice from the front that is he on your side.

He can say “I Miss You”

Yes, of course, he can also tell you that he is missing you a lot, he will probably only say it when he has been around for a long time.  And he does not hesitate to talk with you at all.  He can send you such a message through a text message, in which he can feel that he is missing you.

Ask you for coffee

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Inviting friends for coffee it’s a normal thing, but when a guy invites the girl for a coffee, it probably means something different.  His aim to spend some time with you and learn about what you like and what you don’t like.

Knowing all this, that guy will definitely try to impress you as soon as he gets a chance in future.  So, this is also a strong sign for you. If that guy invites you for coffee again and again, then that guy definitely likes you.

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He sure remembers small things related to you

If you want to do, you can ask the guy if he remembers any such old incident.  If the guy remembers a little bit about that incident then he will start talking with you related to that incident.  He will try to remind you of what happened and how it happened.

Text you too much

Yes, we can find signs a guy likes you or not through text, If that guy has your contact details and you sometimes make phone calls to each other, then that guy will definitely include you in every message that he will send to his friends.  Sometimes his text message can be dedicated only to you rather than to friends.

Sometimes when a guy likes a girl, he loses his mental balance for some time and the guy sends more than necessary text messages to the girl.  The guy is just trying to like the girl in any way.  If something happens to you, it’s also a good sign to find out if that guy likes you.

Present himself as honest and gentle person

Whenever guy will come in front of you, that guy will always show himself as an honest person in front of you.  His style of talking with you will also be completely different.  It will be his endeavor that you will never feel awkward with any of his things.

And when that guy is with his friends, his style of talking completely changes.  He roars with fun with another friend.  Maybe know what bothers each other too.  But his entire behavior changes as you come.  Now you think why this would happen to him.  It is a simple matter that he is very positive for you and in his mind that he should not separate you from himself for any reason.  Because that guy probably likes you and we are afraid of losing the one we like.

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Sit to near you

Absolutely the guy sitting close to you because maybe he is looking for every such opportunity with which he can have a good time with you.  Perhaps you have noticed, that whenever he has to sit in the class room of a school, the first thing to do is to look for him by sitting near you.  If he does not find a place to sit near you, then he has to sit in some other place.  Just like when you are sitting together in a group, there is always such an angle in which either you are in front of him or you are sitting next to him.

He makes fun with you.

If he likes to talk with anyone who likes someone, then he also jokes whenever he gets a chance with him.  In such a situation, that guy can do any kind of comedy with her.  The joke with which the girl in front also likes.

Fulfill his promise for you

We are trying to know about such signs here so that we can find out whether the guy in front likes you or not.  In it, he tries his best to fulfill every promise made in front of you.  This attempt may be more special for you if we talk about the promise given to people of other relations.

He asks about you to your friends

There is also a way to find out about someone whether that guy likes you or not.  Whenever that guy has to know something about you, he is definitely familiar with your friends, then he will definitely try to ask them about you.  Because sometimes someone has such questions about which he tries to find out only by talking to your friend instead of talking directly to you.

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He motivates you to do which for you waiting

Many times, it happens that we have been waiting for a long time to make a work successful.  But we think that we will do this work when the time is right.  And sometimes we are not able to muster up the courage to do that work.  In the same situation, you can also get motivation from that guy and he will also try to give you good suggestions on his behalf to do that work.  His only aim is to make a good place for himself in your eyes.  That is why all try are also meant to impress you.

It happens that the guy does not come directly to you and can speak his heart, but he always thinks beneficial for you.  This is the reason that you are not able to get any kind of help directly in front of you and he tries to help you from behind.  If you also get such signs by the guy in which you think that the guy is motivating you to succeed in some work, then it may be a good sign for you to understand that that guy likes you, or not.

He ready to help you

I also tried to tell you in the above paragraph that in such a situation the guy has only one aim to attract the girl in any way.  Likewise, if he ever gets an opportunity in which that guy can help you, then that guy will definitely be ready to help you.

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Sometimes he reacts as shy guy

Many guys are shy too. This is what we get to see when that guy comes to the girl he likes for the same reason.  At that time, that guy forgets how to behave in front of you, what kind of talk to do.  In such a situation, the guy gets shy when he is in front of you.

He introduce you with his friends

We often get to see that when a guy befriends a girl, he definitely introduce that girl with his friends. Also, guy want to get more time to spend with the Girl.

Try to find out are you single

When we like a girl or a guy and we start loving him, then the first thing we try is whether the person in front is single or not.  So, the straightforward thing is thinking to pursue a relationship with you.  It becomes important for him to know that you are not with someone else.

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Remember everything about you

Whenever a guy likes a girl, he also tries to gather more and more information about that girl.  And if that guy is with you often then he will hardly forget any moment.  To confirm this, you may have moments of some time spent with him.

Never busy in phone when he is with you

Nowadays, it has become a trend that whenever we stand with our friends, we get our phone out from our pocket and busy in phones. We do not need to take out our phone there at all, but it has become a habit of everyone nowadays.  If we see that when a guy is near a girl, we very rarely get to see that the guy is busy on the phone.  He will not be busy with the phone at all, he will try to talk to the girl as much as possible.  That guy should be interested in talking with the same girl and that guy will also be happy talking with her.

Try to show he really likes you

Find your happiness in the same thing that brings you happiness.  You can also do this whenever the two of you have to be together and if he also states your choice.  So, this is also a positive sign that the guy definitely likes you.

Follows you on social media network

If a guy is following a girl through social media or any other, then the only meaning that comes out is that the guy has only one try to be with the girl in some way or the other.  Stay connected always That is why he will continue to follow her through social media and any other message website.

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Sometimes make video calls

If the friendship of both of you is very good, then you can also receive a video call by that guy on your phone.  By the way, nowadays people have started doing video calls in groups.

Body language signs that a guy likes you

When a girl starts to be very important for a guy, then that guy is not able to behave in a normal way whenever she is in front of him.  Whenever both of them meet, the activity starts getting strange.  Now I have discussed about some of the activities here which you might also see in the guy you are trying to find out whether he likes the Girl or not.

He will smile when you come to him

That guy will be happy when you come in front of you, now you are thinking that it is a normal thing that there are many guys who are happy to meet with everyone.  Friends, you will have to find out which type is the smile of this guy.  According to me, the smile of that guy will be completely different for you.  Perhaps the same smile may be a formality for his friends, but for you, but for you it would be absolutely genuine.

Sometimes he will be nervous

You might have noticed that when we go to interview for a job, you often get nervous because this job is very important for us and in our mind same think running. we would have this fear Is that we do not have failed for that job.

The same situation applies to us even when we come across such a person for whom we have a lot of importance and importance in our heart and mind.  So, in that way we have to talk with him, it gets out of our mind, we even forget what we had to talk with him.  And at that time, we do not have any words in mind.  And often stops speaking there.

No control on tongue

Yes, we can consider it a good signs that a guy likes you, You can also see this situation that whenever she comes in front of you, he wants something else to speak but something else comes out of his tongue.  Because he is probably liking in front of the girl and he is also waiting a lot for her.  Whenever you have bought a new item and when we take it to our home, it takes more time than we need to understand it.  Because that thing is new to us and we are very careful for it.  So, we get anxious and forget how to operate.

He will find way to touch you

Many guys are shy nature and many guys are also frank.  You will see this when that guy is frank.  Such kind of girls are very clever, they make the person very busy in talking.  Try to touch her with any excuse in the same way.  Maybe the guy here won’t have some wrong mindset to touch you.

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