When a person starts to understand, along with his understanding, a thing called fear also takes place in his mind. As you all will know that every person feels fear. But no man can move forward in his life in fear. Somewhere it is very important for him to enjoy his life fearlessly. We have to start learning to be Fearless.

Many times, you have also seen such people from whom you will often ask if they are afraid. then they will refuse it completely and they will tell you that they are fearless. According to me, there is no person in this world who has no fear of any kind.

Fear is inside every person, but fighting fear is an important thing to make yourself fearless. Ahead, we will definitely learn how a person can make himself fearless.

What is Fear

We are not living with life; we are living with the mind.

If understood, fear is born due to our desires. As much as the desires are inside the person, there is also fear inside the person. You wish that you will become a rich person in the coming times and you are also working hard for that. Due to this desire, fear will automatically start coming in you that it will not break your desire.

Even some unnecessary incident is not happening with you. but still, something will start coming to your mind that if something goes wrong with you, this desire will not be complete.

The second reason may also be your relationship for fear in the person. When a person becomes very dear to you, the fear of losing him starts to come into your mind automatically. You start thinking without meaning that the person who is special to you. if he goes away from you for any reason, then you will not be able to live without him at all.

But in reality, nothing is happening with you that a particular person is moving away from you. but it starts happening on its own when a person is very dear to us.

Similarly, there can be many more reasons to fear us.

Example – As I told you first, as soon as a person starts to understand, the fear in his mind starts making a place on his own. You must have noticed that often young children / Baby has no fear of any kind. If a child is playing or trying to walk and at the same time a pit comes in way of him, then that child has no fear of that pit.

Two Types of Fear

We are learning here how before a person can make himself fearless. it is also very important for us to know how many types of fear can actually happen. Here I have tried to explain the fear by dividing the fear into two parts.

  • Physiological Fear
  • Psychological Fear

Way of learning to be Physiological Fearless

Physical fear is related to our real life. There is someone who has been given the job of operating a Machine. But now it comes in front of him that there is no knowledge about how that person should operate that machine.

What do you think that person will be fearless or scared?

It is obvious that at that time thoughts are running in the mind of the person that he does not have any knowledge about the machine, how will he be able to work. That person must have been completely feared from inside.

In this way, there may be some other special situation in front of you, due to which you are afraid. There you can make yourself fearless by taking care of some simple things.

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1. Planning

When we make a plan to do our work in advance, then there is no confusion of any kind in front of us. But where we do not make planning before doing our work, then due to lack of planning, often people’s work starts failing.

When any person’s work is not successful according to him. He starts to suspect that his work is not being successful, then that person automatically starts thinking about the failure of his work.

Therefore, it is important for every person that even if they start their new work, they must prepare a plan.

2. Learning

The way we continue to fear every single moment without planning when we will do next. In the same way, it is also very important that we must have knowledge about our work.

For example – Suppose you have started a business of making clothes. But you do not know what essential items are necessary to make clothes in your business and how you can make clothes. Somewhere in your mind, thoughts will continue to show how you will be able to do this work. Thinking here means being not fearless of yourself.

But when you get to know about the whole process related to this business, then you do not feel fear at all. Because you know everything.

3. Knowledge

The main reason behind fear in any person is that they do not know about the thing due to which they keep on getting scared inside.

If you are preparing for an exam related to what subject you should read. if you have complete knowledge about it, then you can easily prepare. But you do not know how to prepare for that exam, then there is only fear in you. how you will prepare for your exam in the coming time.

But where you get complete knowledge about how you can prepare. then the fear for that thing is completely removed from your mind and you fearlessly start preparing for your exam.

The point here is to say that the person must have knowledge related to the subject on which he is not feeling fearless.

4. Understanding

When we start to understand the real situation easily, then the fear in us comes out automatically. Sometimes the reason behind our fear becomes that we are only getting scared where we should try to understand the situation.

To make ourselves fearless, it is very important that we try to understand the subject. And when we understand the subject, we also find out the real reason behind our fear. When you know the reason responsible for your fear, then you can easily overcome fear.

Way of learning to be Psychological Fearless

Friends, psychological fear is very harmful to us. Because there is no real reason behind this fear. Such thoughts start coming automatically into our minds, which makes us afraid.

If you are walking on a deserted road somewhere, there is too much darkness, there you start getting scared on your own that ghosts can hunt you here. Actually, there is no such thing there but such thoughts start coming into our minds on our own.

Only understanding

Friends, if we want to end the psychological fear, then the most important solution is for us that it is very important for us to understand. that the fear that is in our mind is about the real situation or you have created a fantasy in our mind Have done it.

When you convince your mind that your fear is only imaginary, it has nothing to do with reality. then that fear automatically goes away from your mind and you can easily become fearless.

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Common Way of learning how to Be Fearless

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As you all know that there is fear in every person. but when any fear overcomes any person, then that person imprisons himself in a cage.

Whenever he wants to do any work, the fear of belonging to him automatically starts coming into his mind. How would he handle the situation if his work subsequently failed? But this fear can only be considered as imaginary fear.

If you do not do your work properly then you will definitely fail in the future. There should be this fear in you that if you do not do your work properly then you will not be able to succeed.

Friends, now we try to learn how we can make ourselves fearless.

Way of Learning you always love your work then you automatically be fearless

Most of us fall in love with our upcoming salary at the end of the month by not loving our work. That is why we always fear that we will never be reduced. We should not lose our salary for some reason.

Friends, it is a matter of understanding for us here that when we give priority to our work more than our salary. then no one can give a negative impact on our salary. Rather our salary can only increase.

If you apply this rule in your life, then you will be able to make yourself successful in your life along with being fearless.

Believe you can’t take anything with you from the earth

Another important reason for fear in us is that if we get something, then we start feeling that it is only ours. And then the fear of losing that thing always persecutes.

We should always remember that we came into this world empty-handed and will go empty-handed from this world. We only have to live this life and not live it according to the mind.

Attachment / Relationship / Love

In any relationship, when our attachment becomes too much for our love, we cannot even dream of losing it. There is always a fear of losing someone in us.

If you are in a relationship with a person. There is a fear somewhere in your mind that you should never lose your partner, for some reason it does not go away from you.

But you should not stress too much on this mindset. you should only emphasize whether you are fulfilling your relationship with honesty or not. Because whenever our relationship breaks with someone, we are ourselves responsible for it.

There is absolutely no need to be afraid here. you have to understand the problems that are coming up and you can find ways to overcome those problems.

If the thoughts inside your mind keep running, then after some time you will suppress yourself due to that fear.

So, you should only think about the things that are real. You can only frighten yourself by thinking about imaginary things without meaning. So, you should never put too much emphasis on imaginary ideas to become fearless.

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Believing in yourself

Here we are going to learning how to be fearless, in this way we definitely start believing in ourselves. When we start to lose faith in ourselves, then gradually we start falling prey to fear. You have confidence in yourself that you can complete your race easily. Then there will be no fear in your mind.

But when you will not believe in yourself whether you will be able to complete this race or not. then you will definitely feel afraid that you will fail in this race.

The only thing to say is that where you start to believe in yourself. there is a fear in your mind and you are able to complete your struggle with fearlessness.

Going to the way of learning how to be fearless never hesitate to ask for help

If you do not understand something, you should seek help from someone instead of being afraid. Due to which your time is also saved and there are no unnecessary thoughts in your mind.

Friends, sometimes we face such a situation that due to lack of information about the work we are doing. we start getting upset and we slowly start to get scared thinking about its result.

If you ask for help from a knowledgeable person without wasting your time there. then you also save time and you are not uselessly scared inside yourself.

To be fearless you should understand what reason for your fear

As you will know when we are suffering from some disease. it is very important for the treatment of that disease that we should know what is the real reason behind our disease.

If we try to cure without knowing what is the reason behind the disease, then that treatment is never successful.

Similarly, first of all, we should know what is the real reason behind fear in us. If we understand the real one and try to diagnose it, then we will be able to easily make ourselves fearless.

Many times, you have discussed your fears with your family members, then they must have replied to you that what you need to be afraid of, we are all with you. Actually, if you see the problem that is happening to you, because of which you are afraid. if the same problem starts with a member of your family, then it also starts to get feared itself.

It means to say that talking in the air does not make any sense, we should find out the reason behind the problem. It is a very important thing for us to learn that we should diagnose what is causing us to be afraid of that reason. You start becoming fearless on your own.

Share your fear with related people

If you are afraid of driving, then your fear cannot be overcome only by being afraid. Like I said earlier, lack of knowledge is the main reason behind our fear.

For how long you will be afraid that you are afraid of driving, you should go to the person who is skilled in this work. He can solve your problem easily.

You should discuss your fear with him in what circumstances make you afraid. And that person will also share his experience with you. And it will come out in front of you that some time ago that skillful person was also feared. But gradually increased his knowledge and learned that work and made himself fearless.

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Where should you not try to be fearless?

You are afraid that if you do not do your office work properly then your job may go out of your hands. This fear must be in you. Due to this fear, you are able to keep yourself disciplined.

You start thinking that even if you do not go to your office and if you go there will not do the work properly. yet no one can get you out of the job. If you make yourself fear-free in this way, then it will definitely cause trouble for you later.

For example – If you are driving a car and a car is coming in front of you. then there must be a fear in you that if you do not break there or do not turn your car to the side, an accident can happen.

If a person is freed there, he makes himself the victim of that accident.

In such a situation, it is necessary to have some fear in you. but being afraid does not mean that you forget to operate the car. You should operate the vehicle wisely.

What benefits of being fearless

When a person removes himself from the trap of good and bad, then he actually starts living his life with joy. When a person is scared then he is always upset before doing any work. Thoughts keep going in his mind. He is also afraid of his future, what will happen in his future.

But when a person removes himself from such a trap, he can be fearless and concentrate in his work.

Conclusion – Learning to be fearless

If we talking about what juice we get from the way of learning to be fearless then we get these lines ahead. A person should always keep himself ready for bad times and always for good times. If both these situations become normal for a person. then there is no fear of any kind in his life, he makes himself completely fearless. Because that person is already prepared for how to handle good times and also prepares himself for how to face him in bad times. then everything becomes normal for him.


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