In today’s time text message is playing an important role in people’s lives.  Due to this, along with the improvement in the relationship of people, sometimes there are changes.  We send a small text message to the front for every small work and we are done.  Sometimes we have to think a little before texting someone.  Because one also has to take care of the feeling behind text to someone.

So, In such a situation, sometimes a situation arises in front of you, due to which you are forced to think whether you should text the person first or not.  Here we have put some such situations in front of you, if something like this happens to you, then it might be important for you.

You can text him first when

Should I text him First  -
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Friends, here we put such situations in which if we often message first, then it can’t be a wrong thing nor can there be any wrong result for us.

If Want to make first date

This situation applies to you when you like a boy and you want to take an initiative to carry on with him.  Because you might not have sent any tax message to that person before.  In such a situation, someone has to start first.  You have definitely made a text so that you can think more to carry on with him.

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If you just saw him then

Sometimes a situation comes in which a friend of yours suddenly appears to you after some time and both of you are unable to have any conversation at that time.  In such a situation, you can send him a text message without hesitation and tell him about the incident that happened to you.  That you had just seen him but could not talk.  After that, if you want, you can move forward by asking what is going on in your life, there are many such things that you can do with him.

When you showing encourage

When you have a new spirit in your mind and you feel like messaging someone special and if that person is in some mental pain, then you can encourage him with your words.  You can make such a text to remove him from the negative mindset, which might be beneficial for him.

Probably he waiting your message

Perhaps you may have some difficulty in finding it, but you can do it.  Sometimes such a situation also comes in someone’s relation when those people keep waiting for each other and think that text message should come from front and the person also thinks that he should also text first, the message should come from his side.  In such a situation both of them are wasting their time.  So sometimes we should use a little mind to find out the situation and take the initiative to send a text message.

You can’t sheet to waiting for someone

Now friends, you cannot sit waiting for someone, the angel will to come to you and will tell you that you have to text.  In such a situation, you should not wait so much for anything, which you have difficulty in compensating.

Text a guy first makes something different

It is also often seen that when we take the initiative to do something and the result is positive, then the happiness of that thing is different.  In such a situation, when your mind and heart allow you to do a text first, then you should do it.

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Never text when you

Sometimes in front of you there are situations in which you should never think to message a person at all.  Friends, the world of today thinks less than the heart and has started thinking more than the mind.  Therefore, nowadays, any small thing can make extra sense in front of them.  Therefore, you should also walk on the basis of the present time.


When any person is upset, that person starts thinking many things while sitting.  So, if you are also upset and you are thinking about those you should not think about.  This is how come to your mind that you should do a text message.  But when you text message him, no good result can come in front of you.  Because at this time your brain is not working properly and you are wasting your time by considering the people who are useless.  In such a situation, if you are upset, then during that time you should not text tax to any person who has not been in contact with you for some time.

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High drunk

High drunk -
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Whenever we are drunk, people often ugly talk in the same way.  People lose their mental balance due to excessive alcohol consumption.  More people become a little emotional by drinking more alcohol.  In such a situation, thoughts come in their mind about people who often cause problems for them.  It is often seen that after drinking alcohol, they make phone calls to anyone.  And later on, we do not have any positive results from it, it is only a waste of our time.  In such a situation, if a person is intoxicated with alcohol, then he should never make contact with such people, who have ever suffered.  If you want to contact such people, then you should not get drunk and you should be normal and think with an active mind.

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Already texted him

When you have sent a text message to someone and you have not received a reply, then you should wait for their reply.  Sometimes there is such a mental state that when we text a person and we do not get a response, then we are not able to keep any patient at all and send him many text messages.  You should probably never do this because by doing this he gets a wrong message about you. he feels that you do not have any other work.  Whenever you message someone, for a period of time, we should wait for his reply and if possible, we should also try to find out why his answer is not coming.

You know he is busy with friends or something else

One mistake people often make when they know that the person in front is busy with their friends or their family for some reason.  Still, people know all this and make a text message.  In such a situation, there is very little chance of you getting an answer.  Because we are talking about a relationship where we have to think whether we should text message first or not.  If there was good relationship here where we do not need to think at all whether you should text it first or not.

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If you haven’t something special to say

When we don’t have anything special to share with anyone and we send a text message to the next person without any reason, they can ignore it as a redundant message.  In such a situation, if you have something good to share with someone and at the same time it is important too, then you should text message.  But you do not have anything like this to share, so you should not make any unnecessary text.

He has texted me in 3 days should i text him

He has texted me in 3 days should i text him -
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Now someone here has not been answering you for 3 days, there can be mainly two reasons behind this. The first reason is that he is not willing to reply to you at all and the second reason may be that he may be such in a situation in which he can’t reply to your text message.  In such a situation you should first try to find out what is the reason behind not answering it.  If you think that he is actually in a situation in which he could not text you, then you should probably text him again.

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He has texted me all day should I text him

There are two questions for us here, one in which we do not get a full day’s response to a text message and the other in which we do not receive a text message from a person all day long.  In this, we talk about the first situation in which we have messaged someone but we did not get a reply for the whole day, in such a situation you can send it again as a message reminder by the end of the day.  Secondly, we have this situation in which we ask someone to send at least one message a day, but we have not received any tax message from him, in such a situation, you never hesitant to text him.  You should know the actual situation.

Should I text him back after he ignored me for days

Not do at all, if someone is ignoring us, then why should we text him.  If he is in a relationship with someone else in his life and then he ignores you, then maybe you should never bother him by doing a tax message.  If a different reason for ignoring it comes to you, then you should decide based on that reason.

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