Friends, there are many such relationships in which we spend a lot of time with each other for a long time, but after some time there is a situation in the same relationship that causes us to leave that relationship.  But if there was ever true love in that relationship then it cannot be easily erased from each other’s heart and cannot be stop thinking about each other.

I agree that you guys left that relationship and moved forward, but moving forward does not mean that you completely erased your old memories.  It is not in the hands of any human to erase his old memories completely.  But from outside we try to show people that we have now moved beyond those things.  But somewhere, our old memories are always with us.

He can tell you he thinking about you

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If someone notices you a lot, then you only know that he is thinking about you. You would like to know what he thinks about you, what he is thinking?

The expressions of his face can tell you everything that he is thinking or what he is thinking.

Happy to see you if he thinking about you

If he is very happy to see you, he has a smile on his face, then he feels something about you, maybe loves you or has started liking you a lot.

Whenever someone starts loving someone, they like it a lot, they always want to see him/her happy and when they see it, a different smile comes on their face and they constantly look at you.  Understand this means that he loves you very much.

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He follows you on social media

If they follow you on social media, send a request to you.  Nowadays social media has become very popular, if anyone likes you or wants to know more about you, then they will surely search your profile and will also send you a request. 

Nowadays there are many social media apps where we share our photos and every information related to us – like our hobbies like dislikes, we share everything there. if someone likes you, they will definitely want to know something about you.  He will definitely open your social media profile and search about you there.  It becomes clear that he thinks a lot about you, likes you a lot.

His family know about you

If any boy thinks about you and likes you, then he will definitely tell someone in his family or his entire family about you how much I like you.

That boy entire family know you; it clearly shows that he thinks a lot about you and likes you very much.

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He remembers special moments with you

Whenever he meets you, he will make you realize that every moment spent with you is very special for him, he always wants to cherish those moments. Will make you feel so much for him.

Will capture every moment spent with you and will always remind it.  Every moment spent with you will make his moment very beautiful and he would like to live them again.  If you meet him even after a long time or after breakup then he will start remembering all those moments you have spent with him.  His old memories will be revived.

He steps back for your happiness

Whenever there will be a situation where comes your life happiness than he will take back a step for your happiness, and he will give you importance.  The real happiness for him will be in your happiness.

Who can think more about you than a person who renounces his happiness for your happiness? he can do anything for you and your happiness, can go to any extent.  No one can love and care more than you.

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Share yourself inside part with you

If he shares with you everything related to his life or himself, he likes you, thinks about you.  If a person gives someone an important in his life, he will share with you every little thing and every big thing.

Will tell you every truth related to his life, because he knows that it is very important to have truth in every relationship and when we like someone, then we share everything to him or anything related to our past.

If he gives you so much importance in your life, then he will open himself in front of you like a book, share every page of his life with you and make you realize what you are for him.

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Have value your opinion

He will take your opinion in every decision of his life and will also respect your opinion.  You will be very important for that opinion.

Whether a decision is small or big, he will tell you everything and ask you what it should do.  It will be clear from this that what he thinks for you and what you mean in his life.

He will give great importance to you and your opinion and will respect you completely and will tell you every condition of his life. So, He will have complete faith in you and you will also get a different feeling with that person, by this you will know clearly what you are for him and he always thinks about you.

He can tell you he thinking about you

Yes, He will also try to tell you what he thinks about you and how he feels when you are with him.  Whenever he gets a chance to spend time with you, he will definitely share his heart’s words with you and will tell you what filings are in your heart even today.

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Take off his phone when he with you

It is often seen nowadays that whenever a person is sitting among his friends, he gets busy in his phone.  But you will get to see very little where two people like each other or think for each other, when these people meet each other, they will hardly be busy in their phones.  They do not get busy on the phone and make time for each other.

He can ask you genuine questions

When we have a good feeling inside our heart for someone, we respect him, then hardly we will sit with him and ask a stupid question.  In the same way, if that boy also has good ideas about you, he respects you, then he will never ask question unnecessarily.  Whenever he tries to ask you any problem, then that question can be very important and genuine.

He can provoke you if he is thinking for you

Provoking you here does not really mean bothering you.  Teasing you here means just joking around a bit.  So, the guy who thinks something about you might tease you a little bit as a joke.

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He likes all your post on social media

It is often seen that when we have a good thinking about someone we like, we follow him on social media as well, whenever he shares a post on social media, we have a comment on him.  Good reaction occurs.  So maybe even the guy who thinks something about you will surely like you on social media as well as every of your posts.

He always huge you

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When we like a girl or a boy, we always want to hug her.  I admit that sometimes we think a lot about someone but we do not have so much authority that we can go and hug him/her.  But he will not leave any chance to hug you.

He asks more questions if he thinking about you

He enjoys talking with you in a straightforward manner, which is why that boy can ask you a variety of questions to carry on with you.  And maybe it is also possible that he feels you can give good answers to these questions.

He motivate you to make your decision

Whenever there is someone who always wishes for your well, that person will always motivate you to do any good work.  If such a boy thinks anything about you then he will surely motivate you to take such a decision for which you are unable to muster courage.

There are many such turns in life where the power of thinking and understanding of the person is weakened.  In such a situation, we need a support that thinks for our good.  It means to say that any boy has a good place for you in her heart, he cares for you, so whenever she needs you, he will help you with any support.

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Laughing on your normal joke

Friends, when we become fans of anyone, like someone, love someone, then even a simple talk of him starts to look very good.  In such a situation, it is also a good sign to find out whether the boy is influenced by you, does he think anything about you.  Whenever both of you are in one group and during that time a joke is done by you, then no one else laughs at that joke, but the people who like you will definitely give a good reaction to you.

Curious for you

You can find it through your friends that whenever your name comes inside friends for some reason, then it is necessary to notice the reaction of that boy.  This means that whenever a matter related to you comes in front of him, that boy becomes very curious to know about that matter.

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