How can we keep ourselves motivate for a long time? Keeping us motivated always is a tough challenge. But when we are Motivate to do some work, then we happily that work very easily. But when there is a lack of motivation in us, even a small work becomes a mountain for us.

Energy is required in us to do even a small work; without energy, we are not able to do any work. Now we have to talk about where we can get energy from.

There are two types of energy in us, first, we get physically, and secondly, we get mentally. You can get physical energy by eating food, but for mental energy, we need something else.

When a person gets motivation, the energy to work in his brain starts generating on his own. The only thing to say is that we get mental energy from Motivation, due to which we start being motivated to work on our own.

What is Motivate? Motivation

As I have already tried to explain, energy is very important for us. We cannot use our mobile phones without charging, in the same way, we also need to charge ourselves.

A simple means of being motivated is that we should keep ourselves mentally in charge. We always remained on the decision to do the work that we have decided to do. It is often with people that they make a goal of their own, but till the goal is achieved, their motivation gradually starts to fall down.

Way to Motivate yourself

Way to Motivate yourself
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Some people questioning that they get motivated for some time by watching a motivational video. but after some time, the graph of their motivation starts to fall down. They want this graph of theirs to never go down. That graph will always run in the same position.

Thinking here that their graph is always in one position, it can never be possible. This is possible only in one situation, when the person dies, only then his graph runs continuously in the same position.

As long as we are alive, our graph will keep going up and down, whether it is related to our motivation or whether it is related to our heartbeat.

We should not do dead work here. We are living people and there are always ups and downs in the life of the living person. Our effort is only so that the level of our graph does not go down so much that we have to face many difficulties in raising it again.

We cannot run our Motivational graph on one line, but we can definitely try to keep our Motivate most of the time.

Friends, here I have discussed some of which we should apply in our lives and some should be removed from our lives.

1. Find Where is the Problem

Until we cannot find the reason behind any problem, we are not free from that problem. As far as possible, people often try to treat only symptoms. And all of that is of no use.

You feel that you are lacking in motivation. You are never able to keep yourself motivated for a long time. Two things are mainly responsible for this.

  • Physical health
  • Mentally health

Physical health

Friends, here I want to clarify that sometimes we are not physically healthy and we are trying to be mentally strong. Worried about why we are not able to keep ourselves motive for much longer.

You know that all the parts of our body are very important. if any of these organs do not work properly then the balance of our body starts to deteriorate gradually.

Here it is necessary for us to find out what could be the problem in our body that can cause me such a problem. If you analyze your body and you feel that you are physically healthy, then you should think about another thing.

Mentally health

Many times, it happens that our brain is not functioning properly and we are focusing on our physical health. We include fruits in our diet, which means that we directly benefit our body, we start doing all such things.

What will happen by doing this, the problem is related to your mind and you are working to correct your body.

Now you think that such a person who sleeps only for 2 hours at night, then he should work more.

What should he need?

  • To eat food
  • To sleep well

Of course, To Sleep Well.

He should try to get enough sleep at night. When a person is mentally and physically healthy, then that person can easily keep himself motivated.

So, it is very important that the person should know whether his mental condition has deteriorated or his physical health.

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2. Strong Desire to Motivate

How do we keep ourselves motive for a long time, there must be a strong desire in us to stay motivated? Where your designer starts to be weak, your motivation also starts to be weak.

You can hear a lot of people saying that I wish I had $ 10 million, I wish I had this bungalow, I wish I had a car, it is all fantasy.

But the person who has to achieve any of these things never uses the word I wish.  the person that he has to earn so much money or buy his favorite car. And when his desire is strong for that, then he can easily keep himself motivated.

A person wishes that he will buy his favorite car and by the time that vehicle comes in front of him, his motivation starts increasing on its own.

So, it is also a good solution to keep yourself Motivate, so that you never let the thing you are trying to get away from your eyes.

3. Decide Limited Time to Achieve a Goal

You have set a goal; you are also working hard to achieve that goal. But as you know, nothing can work at the same level for a long time.

You should try whenever you make a goal, for that you should make a certain time that you have to achieve that goal in that limited time. If you give more time to achieve the same goal. then you will have to face many times in which your motivation level will be going down.

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4. Don’t ask for Permission

Dad, can I do this work, mom, can I start this business, which type of answer will you get from your parents? Most of the time, our parents make an effort, not to get caught in any problem.

So, our parents suggest to us, always keep away from difficult things. Most of the time when we ask permission from our elders to do anything. we are often advised not to do negative things about that thing.

The most important thing here is that we should believe in ourselves. Do you think you will be able to do this work? After that, you must do a little analysis related to the same. You can then proceed to do that work.

I am not saying that you should not obey your parents, you must take the advice of elders. Sometimes we also get Motivation from our elders to do some work.

All this happens when your family members feel that you can do this work. you are capable of doing that work, you have full confidence to do that work.

You must take the advice of elders, but as far as permissions are concerned, you should take less permission.

5. Focus on Targets Must Necessary to Motivate

When our attention is diverted from the goal, then there is an accident. To be motivated, it is essential that our attention never deviates from our goal. Even once our attention is diverted from its target, our motivation also falls down immediately.

For example – Suppose a person has to walk on a stone 1 feet width. Perhaps you must have thought that what could be the problem of walking on a stone 1 feet wide.

The right thing is that there can be no problem in walking on a stone again.

When this stone is placed on the ground, then you can comfortably walk on this stone for a long time. But when this tall stone which is 1 foot wide is placed between two buildings and then the person is asked to walk there.

Will the person be able to walk there easily?

When he tries to walk on a long stone, his attention is not towards his goal and he goes downward. There is a fear of falling down in his mind.

When such thoughts start coming into the mind of any person, at that time he has deviated from his goal. When the stone was placed on the ground, the person was easily able to walk towards his goal and his attention was not distracted.

But when that stone is placed between two tall buildings, then its attention starts to wander. He becomes an accident victim easily. Friends, when we are victims of an accident, then we are not able to keep our motive under any circumstances. The graph of our motivation level drops below.

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6. Stay Hungry to Learn, Achieve Something

This is a very good example to understand how we can keep ourselves motivated. You may have also realized that when you are hungry. you have only one goal at that time, that you can calm your hunger in any way.

Do you think that your motivation may be reduced at that time? And you can stop trying to calm the hunger.


At that time, no matter how much knowledge any person tells you. your attention will not go towards the things of knowledge at all. That is to say, that person will not deviate from his goal.

No person deviates from his goal at that time. His intention is strong. Similarly, we should always keep our intentions strong for any work.

When you will be hungry to achieve your goal, all of you cannot break motivation for any reason.

Sometimes lies to yourself suppress your negativity and depression

Lying is a wrong thing. But sometimes it can be beneficial for you to lie to yourself.

For a long time, a person who is under mental pressure. if at that time that person will think that he is under mental pressure and now he cannot have any solution. With such thinking, that person will go under more mental pressure.

But it makes you know that you are under mental pressure. but still, you lie to yourself once that you have no mental pressure. And you try to laugh intentionally trying to engage yourself in some other work.

This activity will definitely be beneficial for you. So sometimes we should ignore some small things and lie to ourselves so that that thing cannot dominate us more.

7. Practice Very Difficult Task to Clear Your Difficult Task

7. Practice Very Difficult Task to Clear Your Difficult Task
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You have set a goal that you have to get an 80% number in an exam. It may be easy for you in the early days, but when your time will come slowly when you have to give the exam. At that time, if there is any small problem in front of you, then your motivation starts falling slowly.

Because there, when you continue to have problems on any topic. then your motivities are reduced and you start thinking that maybe you will not be able to achieve your goal.

But you have already put in front of you to get 90% marks instead of 80% and if you miss something there. then you can achieve your minimum goal comfortably. When we feel that we are achieving our goal, then we can work by keeping ourselves constantly motive.

But when we start feeling that we will not be able to achieve our goal in the future. then our motivation level starts falling down gradually.

For another example – The target in front of a person is that he has to complete a race of fifteen hundred meters in 5 minutes. Here if that person misses a little too much, then that person may fail to achieve his goal.

And when he starts running, it seems that he is failing to achieve his goal, along with his motivation level also comes down.

But when that person was preparing, if he had practiced aiming for a 2000-meter race of a fifteen-hundred-meter race. then he would not have any difficulty in completing the race of 15 hundred meters.

And the person who feels that he will achieve his goal easily, then he is also able to keep himself motivate easily.

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8. Make Pilot for Yourself will helpful to keep you motivate

What qualities do you have that can help you grow and what are the deficiencies in you that often demotivate you.

How our body works, in which weather you are likely to get sick, you like winter or you like summer, you know most of all these things yourselves.

For example, a pilot knows which buttons are in his aircraft and what are the functions. In the same way, you are also the pilot of your body. You should also know that in which time you should use your good qualities in which situation. And if you have some shortcomings, then you should also know how you can hide your shortcomings.

9. Follow Step by Step Rule effective to keep Motivate in Workout

Step by step when you do some work then you are able to complete your work easily. If you have gone to workout inside a gym, you are not using machines slowly. You don’t know which machine you should use when.

After some time when you get upset then you will feel that you cannot do it. Then a question comes to your mind that how can you keep yourself motivate while doing workouts.

While exercising inside the gym, this is the advice from your trainer that you use step by step machines. For example, for the first time, your trainer keeps you away from heavy machines. He knows that if you go to these machines in the beginning, then you will be more tired than you will not have the courage to do workouts.

The same rule also applies to our lives. If we start any work, then we can complete it by doing step by step.

For example – Here we take a small example of our kitchen. To make chapatis, we do mix the flour first in the water. Can we make chapatis/bread without adding flour to water? No.

Similarly, we should go step by step to complete any work related to our life.

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10. Assign Small – Small Task

Friends, when we complete some work, then our confidence level starts increasing on its own. But when we are unable to do any work, then our confidence level also falls down along with our motivation level.

One reason behind this may be that we are not dividing our work into small tasks. And when we are ready to do some big task and we start doing it too. But when that work is not completed by us in the first time, then you start being demotivated. You start feeling that you will not be able to do this work in any way.

But if you had chosen a small task in the beginning and you would have completed it easily. then the confidence and motivation automatic would start increasing in you.

For example– As we sit to study and in the beginning, we sit with a big topic and when it is not resolved, then our attention starts to go here and there. The energy that was in you also slowly starts falling.

And in the end, you will get up from there and you will think that this topic cannot be solved by you.

Whenever you have to start your work whether it may be related to your studies or may also be related to your business. you should always complete it by dividing it into small tasks.

11. Make your life meaningful

We do a lot about the work that we are not interested in doing. But we have a compulsion at that time, due to which we are not able to leave that work. And we have to do that work.

Do you think that you are not interested in doing any work, will you be able to keep yourself motivate with that work?


What gives you the most happiness, can be any work, it can also be a place or there can be someone who makes you happy together.

You are working for a company but you are not happy at all. Where such a situation happens with us, we are not able to do that work even with hundred percent quality. There are chances of more mistakes in us in that work.

By which you get immense happiness, you can make certain time for that thing within your week or inside your day. Whenever you are not able to keep yourself motivated during work. you should bring the idea in your mind that you have to go to your favorite place after work.

Only by thinking this will you be happy inside and will be able to concentrate on your work by motivating again.

12. Learn Something Every day

Just as we get pleasure from seeing new things, in the same way when a person learns new things, his motivation level seems to increase on his own.

As I said earlier, if you learn about the work that you are interested in, then you have the different pleasure of learning that work, and you can also keep yourself motivate with pleasure.

What loses if you Demotivated?

When a person is not able to keep himself Motivate, then his biggest loss is that he remains as an average person in this world.

If a person works for himself by being motivated, then he can easily achieve his goal in his life. Because he got himself motive and gave himself a goal and then he toured to achieve that goal.

But when a person is unable to keep himself motivate; he does not think of doing anything for himself. So here it is absolutely not necessary that the person will not do any work.

That person will definitely do the work.


That person will work for someone else rather than for himself.

I agree that the person has a good ability to work, but he did this mistake here, he could not motivate himself for his own work.

When we work for another person, then that person has taken more benefit and our benefit is less. Our ability used only by other people and we live our life only as an average person.

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Conclusion – To Motivate Yourself

The reason for your not being Motivate can be anything. whether it may be about your studies, it can be related to your gym workout, can also be related to your homework. Here we have tried to learn some ways to keep yourself motivate related to all these subjects.

To keep ourselves motivated, it is important to know what causes us to become demotivated. Sometimes these reasons are also related to our physical health and mental health.

The person must have the hunger to achieve any of his goals. When a person starts to get hungry to achieve his goal, then all reason ends up completely for lack of his motivate.

Just as we have to use stairs to reach a floor, same as we should always follow step by step rule to complete our work.


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