Friends, if a girl likes you, you may have a bit of confusion in finding the right way because you are afraid if you know that she treats you like a good friend.  But sometimes the person in front of you likes you but ignores her as a good friend and you realize later that she really liked you.

And after some time, you get to know the reality, then you have guilt inside the mind.  So, if this will not happen with you, then you should understand the signs already received.  Here we have some such signs, with the help of which you will easily find out whether the person in front has a more special relationship than friendship with you.

Understand body language or signals

If any girl likes you, then there is definitely some change in her body language.  The attitude of that girl looking at you may also be different.  In this, you can see that when both of them are in front of each other, then they would be a little embarrassed to see you, she may also get a little nervous while doing it. Whenever she sits with you, you can notice that her feet move at all.

Find way to touch you

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Whenever you have paid attention if you are sitting together, then you must have noticed that she is always looking for an excuse to touch you in some way.  In such a situation you can notice when you are sitting in a place and she gives you something, then she can try to touch you even while giving you something.

Eyes Connection – way to know if a Girl likes you

The beginning of any relationship is always to see the eyes of each other.  Whenever that girl meets you, she also trying to do the same by mixing eyes with you as she did not look at you.  She says that you do not know that she is watching you secretly.  That girl does it because she does not know if you like her or not.  Therefore, she is a little afraid of what your reaction is for her.

To further make sure that, when you see that girl, then you can also look in her eyes at the same time and if that girl looks in your eyes for some time and while watching she can also pass you smile or sometimes, In such a situation the girl also goes a little shy.

Try to copy your style

It is also a way to know if a girl likes you. This is a normal thing when you are a fan of someone or you start copying the style of whomever you like very much, you can get to see someone in love.  When a girl becomes addicted to your style or gets influenced by you, she starts copying some of your style which she likes very much.  You can also find such activity in the girl in front to find out if she likes you.

Be Happy when come to you

This can happen to every person, when someone comes to his or her own, then it is a normal thing to be happy.  But right now, you are not sure whether the girl in front likes you or not.  To ensure this, whenever you are in front of her. How does she react to seeing you? If she gets pleasure from coming to you, then obviously she likes you and happy to see you.

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Every time notice you

When both of you are inside one group, it can be seen that whenever you interact with your friends or are busy in some work, maybe that girl will always notice you.  Because that girl does it because she is interested in everything you do and her interest is real because she likes you.  When we are influenced by the acting of an actor, then we also start following that actor, in the same way it applies to our normal life too.

Find chance to huge you

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Waiting for someone to hug, someone can do their own.  If a girl likes you sincerely, she might be eager to hug you.  In this, the most important thing for you is that when you both hug each other, then you have some special feel in the hug.  It is an attachment to one another rather than a formality.

She starts make her interest in your interest

When someone starts falling in love with you, then you like everything about him/her or you also like his/him bad habit, as if he does not like eating sweets at all, but you like to eat sweets very much Like and that’s why she starts eating sweets while sitting with you.  He has only one goal, you never get hurt.  So, she starts seeing her choice in your choice too.

Show her dressing

When any boy or girl likes someone, they definitely show a little bit of their dressing sense to impress each other.  In the same way, you can also see this activity in the girl in front, whenever she gets a chance, she will try to make you familiar with her dressing sense.

Like whenever she does something good for herself, her first goal is to show it front of you and take your compliment over it.  In such a situation, you should find out by noticing such things, what are the things that the girl is sharing with you.  If she shares some of her personal things with you, is she worth sharing with you and is too much personal then you should also understand that she likes you.

Try to aware you – She is single

In today’s time, every person is busy with someone, in such a situation, we are not able to imagine for anyone whether the person in front is single or not.  In such a situation, you may also get to see as a signal that whenever the girl is interested in you, she likes you, she at least tries to tell you that she is single.  It also starts increasing your interest a little.

So, if you work in an office or in a group in college.  So that girl will indirectly speak such things to you during talks, which will prove that that girl is not in any relationship with anyone right now.  She will not tell you directly but in a group convention she will say such things.

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She cut conversation of her friends for you

In love, a person can go to any extent, if you are trying to know whether the girl in front likes you or not, then for that you have an action in which she talks about her own friend.  Cuts it off because at that point you are speaking.  Therefore, she is only interested in listening to you.

Reply your message instantly

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If a friend likes you, he also tries to reply to your message very quickly and maybe you also get an answer immediately.  It is important for you to note that the girl is only applying for your instant message or that girl is instant replying to all her friends.  If that girl only replies to your message quickly then this can also be a good sign for you to know that that girl likes you.

Always compliments to you

She always looks a way to give you a compliment.  As if you feel you have not done anything special, yet she is giving you the compliment.  It will always be her endeavor that you never feel down between your friends.

She laughs on your worst joke

For example, suppose you are standing in the same group together and you presented a joke in front of the group for which no one has laughed, only on your joke laughs at the same girl who might like you.  if there was a good spice in your joke here, then probably all the people in your group could have given a good reaction to your joke but despite nothing like that, the girl is giving a good reaction to your joke, then maybe somewhere She likes you.

She never like whenever you talk to other girls

Yes, You can find this characteristic in every girl, when you talk to another girl, she starts getting jealous.  You may also see the same in your relationship, she does not like talking to another girl at all, but she cannot even say it directly to you. so she gives some such reactions during that time.  You will find out that she does not like to talk to your other girl at all.

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Her friends can give you hint about her

Whenever we like something, we first share it with our closest friend.  You may also see the same in your relationship, if that girl likes you, then that girl definitely shares things related to you with a close friend and from there you can get some hints as well.

She likes your all post on social media

When someone starts liking you, then she does not leave any chance to let you know that she is liking you.  In such a situation, you should also pay attention that when you post a post on social media, how does that girl react to that post, does that girl like every of your posts.

She looks you when everyone laughs

This is also the best way to find out if the person in front of you likes you, like when you are standing together during an event or during your school hours.  During that time, if any laughing matter comes to your group, then it is necessary to know first of all whether you are laughing at the same time or not.

Other hint to know if a girl likes you

What you need know when a girl likes you

Sometimes the person in front keeps doing all the activities and you do not even know about her activity, in such a situation, if you find out about those activities after some time.  Maybe you are too late at that time.  In such a situation, you should also observe her activity as well as give reaction on her.

Ready to take compliment

If a person is saying two things in your praise, then you should ready to take the complement of that person laughing.  You should not spoil your face at all.

  • Notice her style
  • Notice her friend’s reaction also
  • Show you as wise mind
  • Ask to her for your help
  • Also observe her behavior for other friends
  • What you need to do if a girl likes you
  • Make gentle conversation
  • Smile
  • Show your good memory capabilities
  • Show or tell her that you like her
  • Don’t make yourself as extra minded
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