There is a huge contribution of kiss in a romance, no romance becomes exciting until you kiss each other. But question come in your front how to kiss a boy (man). you can’t even make it boring by kissing again and again.  You should also do something a little different to make it more fun.  If you continue to kiss your partner in a simple way, then it will probably remain a normal activity for you.

You like a boy and it comes in your mind that how to kiss your man or boyfriend when the time comes.  If you are doing this work for the first time then you may need some more ideas.  If you kiss a boy strangely, then perhaps that boy knows what to do or not to cooperate with you.  But when the kiss you with good feeling to boy, then perhaps that boy will cooperate fully with you in kissing you.

Perhaps in front of you sometime during school time when you were studying in middle school and you started liking a boy at that time, you had only one think at that time how to kiss this boy romantically.  If you had ideas related to kissing someone, then you must have surely enjoyed it by kissing to boy.

Here we have some points related to how to kiss a boy or a man, which may be helpful if you need it.

Along with suggestions, such precautions are also given which are as follows –

Make your mouth Fresh

How to Kiss a Boy (Man or boyfriend) romantically,
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Whenever you are ready to kiss a boy, first of all you have to make sure that there is no bad odor from your mouth at all.  Friends, when a person has a bad smell, he can spoil a very good mood in a moment.  If you have not done any preparation but this preparation is very important for you, whoever is going to kiss someone.

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Find out a good place

There are very few people who dare to kiss a boy or a girl in the market.  Friends, according to me, if a girl or boy kisses someone in a market, there is less pleasure in it and its publicity is more.  And perhaps no one wants that such a movement gets publicity in the market.

The best thing for this is that we should choose a place that suits our situation.  When you are trying to kiss a boy, you should not be disturbed by the atmosphere there.  Because choosing such a place allows you to have a good time for each other.  So, whenever your plan is being made to kiss a boy, then you should also choose the right place according to this.

Work on your looks

By the way, if seen, boys are mostly like this, who probably never deny if a girl wants to kiss them.  But still you should pay little attention to your look so that your impression is not reduced on the next person.  Because when a boy gets completely impressed with you, he cooperates with you in what to do.  Because kissing does not even mean that if you want to, then you kiss that boy’s lips.  You get equal support from that boy too, only then you can enjoy this thing.

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Physical flirting for kiss a Boy

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Perhaps you have also seen in films that physical flirting occurs in those people before any kissing scene occurs.  Well, films are different and real life is different.  Still, you cannot kiss a boy directly because it can be strange for both of you and you don’t know if it is strange for you, but for a boy it can be a very strange situation.

I think you should do something little romantic or some physical flirting before starting kissing.  If we talk about physical flirting, then you can do anything in it but that is not very sensitive.  You should try to make some attachments with him.

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Make sure he is ready for that

It is also very important for you to make sure what the boy is ready to do.  It is not that if we kiss a boy without knowing anything, then he will not be able to give you equal support.  And sometimes you may get wrong results.

Make him emotional

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Till we have not attachment of soul with someone, we cannot adopt anyone completely.  You are sitting with a boy and before you know what he wants to do in your mind, it is also important for you that you should talk with him so that he becomes emotionally attached to you and he feels connected with you. Once you make someone emotional with your words, then he can be ready to do anything for you.  Like this, when you want to kiss a boy, before you make an emotional connection to him and later move on to kiss him.

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While kissing

Just now you have learned that you should take care of all the things before kissing a boy.  But now we should also now such things which can be useful when you kiss a boy.

Close your eyes to kiss a Boy

If you want to feel loved for someone, then you close your eyes, then you will definitely have some good feeling.  Just like when you are kissing a boy, during that time you keep your eyes closed, then you will be able to enjoy that kiss more.

Make a short kiss

You got in a position to kiss him by getting a little emotional with the boy, but if you are kissing that boy for the first time, then you should keep short your first kiss. This will also give you an idea of ​​the response of that boy, if that boy is happy with what you do, then you will see you on his face.

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Look on his eyes to kiss a Boy

When you gave that boy a small kiss, then you should lovingly connect the eyes of that boy.  There should not be a formality to kiss a boy, how to kiss a boy and then go from there.  It is a straight matter that you cannot kiss every boy, you must have formed a relationship of love with him.  To share the same love with him or to express that love in front of him may be in his eyes.

Give him a tight huge while kiss a Boy

If you want to make your someone more thrilled, then while doing kissing your partner, you tightly hug.  With this, you get a feeling of pleasure by coming close to the body with each other.  Kissing never means that only you touch each other’s lips, but it means to express your love towards each other.

Kiss your Boy Again

How to kiss a boy romantically (man or boyfriend)
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If you have done a small kiss with that boy and then see his reaction in support of kissing, then you can proceed to kiss him again.  When you are kissing each other again, you should do it for a long kiss by not doing it for a short period.  And you want during which you can do some more activity.  After kissing the boy, you can do a small kiss on her neck to express more love with him.  Which makes the front person feel that you love him with your heart.

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Kissing time come to much closer to him

When couple kisses, they both come closer to each other.  Those people also come close to each other and through the soul, both also start connecting with each other.  This applies to true lovers and nowadays you see that many people pretend to love each other falsely and that people do not hold back at all in physical use of each other.  No mentality of any kind matches for such people.  Because these people are in a different way, which has no meaning with love and love, just enjoy each other and move on.

If in this situation, people from both sides have equality in each other’s thinking, then it cannot be called wrong again.  This can be said incorrectly when the front does not know at all that you are only passing time with him/her for some time, and if the person loves you with all his/her heart. Then in such a situation, these activities become quite malleable when used physically.

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Open your eyes and look him

Sometimes it is also revealed that when the couples kiss each other, then their eyes are bowed, they do not connect eyes with each other.  Friends, as far as I believe, whenever you come in contact with each other in any way, both of you must have to connect their eyes together.

After you kiss, look at the boy in such a way that the boy will feel that you like him sincerely and that is why you have kissed him.  Sometimes I admit that someone shy and they bow their eyes.  But if you are not shy person, then you should see your partner eyes with love.

Praise of him

After kissing the Boy, you can remain silent for a few moments, but after some time you should definitely say some things in him praise.  You can say that he is a good kisser.  Because you can say that he liked your way of kissing her a lot.  You can say many more things like you can say that your mind is always trying to do it.  And today she succeeded in kissing the boy whom she had been trying for many days.  The boy will be very impressed with your words.  He will come again to know that he is a good boy and he also has some abilities, due to which this girl is liking him.

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Wait for next move from his side

Most of the boys are like those who are unable to forbid a girl to kiss them.  And it is also said that boys are hungry for the love of girls.  If the boy enjoys kissing you, then he can extend his lips to kiss you again.  So, you should wait a bit and after making romantic talks with him, you can prepare him to kiss again.


If you have had read complete article here, then you should understand a simple thing that whenever you want to kiss a boy, first of all you should keep your mouth fresh.  And after that you should also work on your looks a little and try to make them attract.  Before taking any action, we should move forward by thinking something about it, by doing this we do not get any hindrance in the work and the work goes on according to you as you think.

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