You like a guy (Girl) and you have impressed him to make interested in you.  But later you come across a situation that what should you do so that your lover is always interested in you.  Someone has rightly said that it is easy to build a relationship but to fulfill it you have to go through many difficult situations.

We do not need to climb a high mountain to keep someone interested for ourselves.  We only need to make changes in some activities of our daily life.

Way to keep a Guy Interested in You

Way to keep a Guy Interested in You -
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You love a guy and you want his to be interested in you too.  Then you will also think whether that person is fit for you or not.  Then in all the ways that person feels right then the question comes in your mind that this person should never slip from my hand.  Meaning you never want to lose that person. so sometimes a little doubt comes in your mind.  But you do not have to doubt it, you just have to be cool and people who live with you can have your friends and your family members too, Or he can also be your lover, all you have to do is to be happy yourself and give some reason for others to be happy too.

There are some such activities in daily life with us which we ignore.  Here, you should take some information about similar activities which can be beneficial for us to keep a Guy interested.

Give him Surprise to keep a Guy Interested

For example, suppose that you are sitting comfortably in your home and your friend tells you before coming that if he is coming to you, then maybe you will be happy to come to him but nothing will be surprising.  In such a situation, your friend is not informing you before coming when he comes and you are surprise him by coming suddenly, you will be happy to see your friend come to you.

Just like this, if you want to make a girl whom you like very much, you are making her interested in yourself that you will always be interested in her, then you have to do some such surprising things due to which some new feeling between you.

Give Feel him Like he is a Hero

It is also a very good thing to help to keeping a Guy interested in you, when You are in a relationship with a guy and you have an effort to keep him interested always.  In this way, you have to give him the impression that he is not less than a hero for you.  He can do everything for you, he is not less than anyone.  In such a situation, that person will come feeling like a man for himself.  And he will have more faith in you.

Don’t be over to make him interested

You are doing every activity in order to make a guy interested in you, so that it is affected and you keep making interest in it, but it also does not mean that you start doing too many activities to achieve that, due to which  The person in front of you will automatically know that you are doing the activity to influence him.  When he comes to know that you are doing something like this, then it will not be fun.

Keep yourself happy to make interested a guy

Keep yourself happy -

Perhaps you must have also noticed that the person who is always happy in his life likes to meet more people with him.  In the same way, if a person’s mood is always unhappy, it remains by itself, no person wants to makes contact with him.  Because inside this world, most people like to be happy and prefer to form relationships only with those who are happy.  Therefore, you should keep a habit of being happy so that your mind can also maintain a positive atmosphere.

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No Need to Always Available for him

When you are always available for guy, then your value in his eyes decreases slightly.  It is the nature of every man if any person close to him becomes available for every little work of his, then he starts to feel that this person is like your servant.


For example, you see, when the mobile maker company Apple launches a new phone, it gets a booking for it first, because the company knows that this phone has not come before the people and its value is low after arrival.  Therefore, the company gets the phone booked before it even before landing the market.  Due to this, there is more excitement for people to see it and after a few days when that phone stays with them, the value of that phone fades for those people.

For another example, when you have a lot of money, you do not think at all before spending those money.  And in a situation when you are short of money, then you understand the value of those money correctly and try that these monies will be spent for the right work.

The same situation is also there for our relationship, when a friend or girlfriend of ours is available to us all the time, then for us also their Importance is reduced, it gets reduced Likewise. when you are in a relationship with your lover, you should never do it like you call him for small things and do it and start asking whether you have eaten or not taken medicine or where are you going and what are you doing? With all these things, the person in front of them starts getting irritated.  But you care about him, that’s why you are asking him all the things, but he seems to think that you have no work and keep asking only these things.

Friends, saying here is just that you do not need to be available for anyone at all times, matter what the relationship may be.  In your hands, you have to determine the value.

Make Him Good feel on Bed

Make Him Good feel on Bed -
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When we are in a relationship with your lover, it is also important for you that both of you spend a lot of time on bed, enjoying your relationship.  Talking can not only increase love, for this we have to hand each other to bed.  Whenever both of you are in bed, you should always do every such activity to make your partner happy, should do such an activity which gives him pleasure.  But it also does not mean that every activity should be done by you and your lover is not showing interest in supporting you in any of your activities.  It is you both have to decide what is the current situation between you two.

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Always flirt to keep interested a Guy

We get a lot of time to live, but very little time is available for us to enjoy in this life because we are busy with work, we have to earn money, we have to go to the office, don’t know What happens in a person’s life that he has to do every day.  I believe that every work is important for us, it also does not mean that we should let our love life fade and let it go.  If we are unable to make time for our love life, then we get to see its effects slowly-slowly, as if there is a lack of love between you two.

So, to keep your relationship thrilled, you should do some flirting activity with your lover.  He should be made to feel that there is still a thrill in your relationship.

Ask Questions to keep a Guy Interested

Friends, do not ever let your relationship get boring when there are distances in a relationship or those people are not interested in each other. it means that their relationship is boring.  For example, if you say that we have stored water at a place for a long time, then after a few days you will see that the dirt is spreading in that water and then after some time, that water will be like mud.

The only thing to say here is that to keep someone trustworthy for yourself, you can also ask some questions that he would like to answer and you would also like to hear his answer.

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Don’t Reply immediate every time

It is my request to all of you that you do not become a robot for anyone that the message in front of you came and you answered it like a robot in 1 second without blinking your eyes.  This is absolutely wrong, you should never do this, so the person in front realizes that there is no work in your hand, you are just sitting there to answer it.  It is different that both of you talk are much less than each other, in that case if you reply to each other immediately then there is nothing wrong.  But all the time, you are quick to reply and the front person is very delaying in replying, then you should understand that you too should bring a little change inside yourself.

Don’t text too much

In today’s relation, it is also becoming a very big problem in the relationship that to say that they care a lot about each other, so they keep messaging them again and again but they do not know that the guy in front of them,  It takes out the wrong meaning of these things, it seems that you are troubling him.  So, you should not care about anyone so much that it becomes a problem for the person in front.

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If you ready, don’t afraid to get sex

If you ready, don't afraid to get sex - to keep a Guy and Girls  Interested
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You are in a love relationship with guy or girls, and it has been a long time to understand each other and now you are ready to have a physical relationship. then you should make a sexual relationship.  If you are not capable both physically and mentally to make a physical relationship with someone, then you should never make the mistake of making you a relationship, so if you make a mistake, then you probably go in depression.  When both of you are ready for each other, only then you should make physical relations without worrying.

For example, suppose you are capable of making a physical relationship and you refuse to do it when your lover asks you to make a physical relationship with you.  This can mean the wrong meaning and your lover may feel that you are just to pass the time with him.  In this way you should take a decision based on your current situation.

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Show him you have also a life

Don’t love someone too much without carrying about your life if you do then in front will start feeling that you have no life.  It also does not mean that you do not love anyone, here it is just saying that you love but in a limit.  The next one should also feel that you too have a personal life, you also have some work, you also have a different thinking in this world.

Don’t force him come to you

Sometimes it is seen in people that they force someone to come to them, it can lead to a wrong result for any relationship.  Everybody tries to keep interest in you forever in his lover.  He continued to love you like the early days.  That is why one should not force anyone into a relationship.

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Enjoy when you both together

Enjoy when you both together - to keep a Guy and Girls  Interested
Image Source Pixabay

Whenever you are with your partner, you should never back away from enjoying that moment.  Enjoy that time as well and your partner should also enjoy it.  If you spend time with each other with fun, there will never be a lack of love between you two.

Make yourself financial stable

If there is true love then it is not necessary that you are financially stable but sometimes a situation also comes in which it becomes very important for you to be financially stable.  When you ask for some financial help from your lover for small work, then he starts getting upset with these things, he starts to feel that it seems that you are with him only for his money.  If you too are financially strong then this situation will not come for you too.

Take his side in every good and bad

When a person is in trouble and some friends stands with him, then at that time, that friends becomes a never forgetting friend for that person.  Similarly, if your partner gets into some trouble and you try your best to get him out, maybe I am an honest person, then he will never forget your efforts.  With this, your partner will remain fully interested in you.

How to keep a Girl interested

How to keep a Girl interested -
Image source pexels

Just read us above here, how a girl can keep a guy interested for a long time, similarly for a boy, the challenge is how to keep a girl interested for long.  This is seen in most of the relationships that when those people meet in the beginning, they have a lot of love but after some time their love starts to decrease.

Only the reason for lack of love between them, it remains that those people who used to be enthusiastic about their relationship earlier, now there is not so much enthusiasm among them.  Their small activities like each other diminish and their relationship gradually becomes boring, due to which those people start losing interest in each other.

Be Creative to make guy or girl interested

Everyone loves creativity.  Now, if you talk about the choice of girls, then they like each new thing.  The guy who is creative, gets noticed quickly by people, people try to make contact with them and they also like it, so if you develop a creative nature, then with your girlfriend Along with you, more people will also be interested.

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Talk about your relationship with her

In order to keep your relationship enthralled, both of you should also have talks related to your relationship.  It should not happen that you forget your relationship and waste time in talking to other people or unwanted things.  So, it is also important that if you want to keep your relationship interesting, then it is very important to have things related to your relationship.

Show trust on Girl/Guy to keep interested

Show your trust on her -
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To save your relationship or to do it constantly, it is also necessary to have trust between each other in the midst of trust. You should behave for your girlfriend so that she never feels that you can betray her.  Huh.  Always make her feel that you will support her in every opposite situation.

Make yourself a kind person for everyone

Making your own nature kind and everyone likes who is a nature of kindness, everyone is interested in talking to them, and if you show a kind nature.  If you do not hold back in helping people, then it will also impress your girlfriend a lot and you may get some positive things in your relationship.

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Try to fulfill her genuine need

Girls also have such a desire, they have some desire or thinking in which they want to fulfill by her boyfriend and Husband. For example, if she wants to love with you, then you can fulfill that need only, she will not ask any other person to love her.  And as she has such a mind that she wants to go out with you and spend some time with you, then you should never refuse to fulfill her romantic and cute small needs.

Spend your time as much as you can

Do you know where this life will take you in the times to come, so in the present time, those who are with you in the present time should be more and more happy with them and should spend as much time with them as possible.  If you do not spend your time with girlfriend at all, then perhaps she will not or will not feel that you are not interested in this relationship. Now you are not interested in loving her at all and she will be making distance from you again.

Some times you unable to give enough time to your relation, Due to which the distance starts coming in the relationship. Both of you and starts thinking for each other that now he/she has no interest.

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Make her every moment best and enjoy

Make her every moment best and enjoy
Image Source Pexels

If you have held the hand of a girl, then you should carry on that relationship till the last breath. Just like if both of you are with each other, then you should forget all the problems and enjoy it.  Troubles keep coming and going in every person’s life and keeping those troubles in one side and living in joy.  Whenever you come with each other, you should make your girlfriend so happy that she does not talk about going away from you. whenever she walks away in future, then she will remember enjoy the moment with you and it’s never forgettable for her.

Smile when she come and Go

Whenever you have to meet your girlfriend, you should welcome her with a smile.  she will be happy to see the smile on your face and she will feel that you are very happy with her arrival.  And on the contrary, if you come to me, you make your face sad because of your smile, then the whole mood will also be spoiled.  People says first impression is the last impression, so your first impression is to smile and welcome of her which they will always remember.

Respect of her make girl interested

A boy should respect all the girls.  Whenever you interact with other girls in front of your girlfriend and you interact with them, it will affect your behavior with the girls you are talking to and your girlfriend also impressed with your behavior which you have By showing with girls.  Due to this, no negative thoughts will come in your girlfriend’s mind.

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Don’t cheat her

Friends talk comes on cheating; you should not betray anyone of any kind because we have also Expect other people don’t cheat us.  In such a situation, sometimes in a relationship, people start hiding from each other. when either of them comes to know that they are hiding something from you, then you know in your mind thoughts start coming.  And then they starts losing interest in having a relationship with you.

Don’t allow misunderstanding in your relationship

For a heathy relationship, should never allow misunderstanding in you love life. in the same day, in any relation, if the relationship create misunderstanding then that relationship remains for a short time, so it is good that whenever you feel that your relationship If some misunderstanding has been created, then you should not delay in clearing them.

Be loyal to keep girl interested

Be loyal to keep girl interested -
Image source pexels

For any relationship to last for a long time, that there should be loyalty to each other.  All people do the same by doing the same to each other, that the front should be loyal to him, but somewhere, people forget that you should also be loyal to everyone.

When in a loving relation’s couple start to think that they are not loyal for each other, then that relationship does not go away for long. It has to die in the middle.  You also want that if your relationship does not break in the middle, then you should also be loyal to your partner and you should also keep it interesting towards yourself.

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Make good Conversation

If you ever notice this, then girls are very talkative and they want someone who can listen to them comfortably.  She longs to share her words with others.  And as far as I think, girls are influenced by boys rather than handsome boys who are expert in talking.  So far, people are impressed by the boys who joke more than laugh.

And on the other hand, girls like boys who are complete in every way and have some knowledge of every type.  In such a situation, girls also keep their views with them and try to get their views.  The girls’ thinking also keeps on going, they are talking about the issue and they need some solution for that issue and that solution they expect from the boy.  This is to say that the boy should have the ability to impress anyone with his words in every way.  Along with such people, you can also make your girlfriend interesting for yourself.

Don’t share everything

If you want to make something more enthralling, then all you have to do is go to your girlfriend and tell only 10% about the matter.  Then you will see that she will start doing a thorough investigation for that matter.

For example, suppose you have a lot of knowledge about painting, but you tell to her that you are not very skilled at making paintings.  But when you present something new in front of you, the artwork of your painting will be surprised to see your artwork.  Now what happened in it that you told her only a few percent by not telling you about yourself complete and after some time you surprised her, this brings excitement in your relationship.  And the curiosity to know about each other grows.

Try new on bed to keep girl interested

Sex also gets old when you are in a relationship with someone for a long time, but you should talk to your girlfriend about some fantasies that she wishes to do.  It is common for all that when we stay in the same relationship for a long time, then for us to make physical relations becomes an old and a normal action.  Now it is your responsibility here that you bring something new in these things.

Girls also know what the boy is more inclined to do in bed and the boy also knows that girls often get more happiness in bed.  The only thing you need here is that both of you need that both of you share your thoughts with each other and make your bed experience thrilled.

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