You like a girl and you want to kiss her.  It is right that every person has the desire to kiss whom he likes.  But now it will come to your mind that how to get a girl kiss you first time.  Before kissing any girl, you should also decide whether she is feeling comfortable with you or not.  If she is not behaving strangely with any of your actions, then you can plan to kiss her.

How to get a Girl kiss you without asking

How to get a girl to kiss you first time
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Be a nice guy

It is coming in your mind that for the girl who you like wanting to kiss, for that first you must also observe the qualities that attract someone.  You will have to make yourself in such a way that when you are trying to kiss a girl, then she never refuses.  For this, you can work to make your look more attractive.

You should prepare yourself well before going on your date. So that even the girl is impressed by seeing you. You should get your hair well set and wear a nice dress before leaving.

Make a plan to do something New

If we make a pre-plan before doing any work, then as far as we get success in that task, just like this, if you are thinking about to kiss a girl, then you should prepare beforehand. You should know at what time you will do when you are with her.

Then invite her to call the place where you have prepared a plan for her to do something great.

Choose the place according

Choose the place according -
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The most important thing is that the girl with whom you want to sit alone for some time, then first of all you should choose a place that suits your plan.  If you have true love with the girl, then you should choose a place where there is less congestion and an atmosphere of peace.  By choosing such a place, you will be able to spend time with each other well and knowing each other, you will be able to come closer.

If a person not chooses a quiet place here and chooses a crowded place, then it clearly means that perhaps he is unknowingly trying to kiss the girl.  And do you know what it means?  But as far as it can be meant only by taking advantage of someone.  The true love always likes a secluded place where they can listen to each other more carefully.

If you are thinking of kissing the girl in the day time, then maybe you can go to a garden or if you can make possible, then you can move to a hill station. because the atmosphere of hill station mostly pleasant.  After reaching there, both of you feel different good filings.  It is a simple matter that when we go to a place that we like very much, you start feeling good there.

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Make fresh your mouth

Make fresh your mouth to get a girl kiss you first time in school -
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For this, it is also a matter of great care that whenever you are going to kiss a girl first time, your mouth should be fresh.  Sometimes when we kiss each other, the fun of kissing gets spoiled due to bad smell in one’s mouth and the attention is lost.  In such a situation, I think you do not ever want to kiss someone for the first time and do not even refresh your mouth.

Show signals to making mood to get kiss

You will have to give some such signals to that girl as well, so that she feels that you want to go ahead with her.  Your eyes have a very important contribution in getting a signal to someone because someone can sometimes say things through their eyes that they might not be able to say to someone and sometimes they the front also makes sense to read your eyes.  Therefore, you should make a connection that should not be able to remove your eyes from your eyes too.

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Make some flirting activities

If you go straight to a girl, then you can’t kiss a girl. You should also do some activity that you like that girl. When you sit with her in the beginning, then tell her stories about love, try to know her idea too.  Try to ask her also, what are her thoughts about two loving couples, whether the two lovers should be considered right in the eyes of the people.  By doing this, you can extend your talks with her for some time.

Make emotional conversation

When you have to increase your attachment with someone, then we should do an emotional conversion with each other. You get the benefit of emotional conversion such that when you are having an emotional conversation with someone. she listens to you more carefully.  And if She feels that something had gone wrong with you, then her sympathy gets done automatically with you.  When someone’s sympathy is with you, then you should not delay in getting close with her without wasting time.

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Touch her to get kiss you

Touch her to get kiss you
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Read body language

Both of you have been attached to each other while talking emotionally. Now you have to read the body language of the girl. how her behavior is towards you now. Now you have to make sure that if you want to kiss that girl then will she refuse you or do you not have to face any objections.  If that girl is not making any distance at all during your talk with her and she is doing well only by coming to you, then she has probably agreed with you.

Now you have to touch her a little sometimes during such an activity in many things.  As if you talked with her, take her in your hand, then touched her head or you put your hand on her shoulder.  If your girl is not avoiding all these activities, then she is probably comfortable with you now.  Because most girls have a fear in their mind, due to which they are hesitant to make any boy close.  They are afraid to think that doses anyone using her.

Therefore, you should give some time before doing every task so that even that girl can understand how you are a boy.  If you proceed to kiss the girl without giving her time, she will hardly agree with you or She cannot agree with you in any situation because first of all, you have to know each other before doing such activity like kiss to her.

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Don’t think much

If you want to kiss a girl whom you like and that girl is also very fond of you, then do not waste your time thinking that you should do it or not.  Sometimes we start thinking more about a task before doing it, then we lose courage even before doing that task.  Therefore, you should believe in doing some work rather than thinking more about it.

Get her to closer

Get her to closer -
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Here, You slowly touched her while conversation and if the girl did not get any objection on these activities, then now you should move closer with her without any delay.  You should draw a little more her by placing a hand on her shoulder.  You should do all this in a very calm manner, during this time you should also keep talking with her, due to which she does not find it strange to do this.

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Go for it to kiss a Girl

Go for it to kiss a Girl -
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You also talk to that girl and get slowly closer you, now wait two to four minutes if you brought your hand near her ear and brought her mouth close to you.  And in the beginning you should do a short kiss with her.  If that girl is agreeing to whom you can go, then you can again make a long kiss with her.

What should you do when get rejection to get a girl kiss you 1st time

Sometimes a girl is forced to refuse you even if she does not want to, there can be many reasons behind this, such as whether she knows that she is already in a relationship with someone.  Or a reason sometimes comes up that girls often refuse because of the stench in the mouth of the person in front.  Now at the same time, you should try to find out a little why exactly she is refusing.  If you have to face a rejection while doing something with her, then you should handle that situation very calmly.

You are with a girl and you want to kiss a girl and in return you are getting signs of disagreement, then you no need to scared, you just calm down and ask the girl does she don’t like you, or is there any other reason.

What can you learn from rejection?

  • If a girl is refusing to kiss you, then it does not mean that girl will never kiss you, there could be any reason behind this, what is the situation she has right now. she needs some time or she is still upset for some reason.
  • If you really like a girl and want to kiss her, then you should never back down from the same rejections. You should try to do it again with her while moving your relationship after some time, but remember It should only be an effort, not a forcing anyone.
  • Or you have eaten something that smells in your mouth, the smell in your mouth is still coming in your mouth, then you should also take care of it whenever you want to trying kiss a girl, then you should keep your mouth fresh.


If we have learned something here, it is just that we should also do some preparation before doing any task and should not waste time thinking more than necessary for any task.  And when you feel that the time has come when you should not delay in doing this work, at that time you should do that work.


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