Friends, when we can talk about how you can be more productive, then there are many things in front of you. which you can easily become more productive by including in your lifestyle.

Sometimes it will happen to you when you are not able to know at all when your day has passed. And when the day is over, then you understand that your day has passed and you have not done anything.

It is not that time has started running more than its speed. Only your fault can be here.

Today we will discuss here how you can be more productive. I will try to help you on the topic of where your time is getting spoiled and why it is happening. I will also share such tricks with which if you include them in your lifestyle. You will definitely be able to make yourself more productive than before.

What Does Mean To Be More Productive

You may have also had this idea in your mind about what is the actual means of to be more Productive. Friends, when a person finishes a task before a certain time using intelligence. So, we can call that person productive.

But a person who completes 4 hours of work in 5 hours or sometimes more than 5 hours is not a productive person. Because he lacks the ability to work.

Today we will try to find out what is it that one person does the same work before of time and another person takes double time to do the same work.

Why You Need To Be More Productive

Because, your need to be productive, make you able to do your 10 hours work in 5 hours using wisdom. you can do more work in the remaining 5 hours or you can rest in that time. It is up to you how you use the remaining time.

Tips – To Be More Productive At Work

Tips - To Be More Productive
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If you really started to feel that you should be more productive. And at the same time, you also want to take part in any additional work. So, friends, you have to spend some time reading all the points given below. You have to read all these things and apply it in your lifestyle too.

You will see your ability to become more productive to work after some time.

Batching Or Divide

Friends, when you apply this rule on your own, then you will do your work very easily. And you start being more productive than before. Now we try to understand how you can divide your work or make a batch of work.

For example, suppose you make a video for YouTube. You have to prepare a script here to make a video. After that you have to make a recording for that. Then later you finish editing the animation of that video. This is the process of completing a video.

Now in this, a person named A who first prepares the script of the video – after that he makes a recording for this video – then he edits that video and finally he uploads that video.

But a person named B prepares a plan a day in advance that how he will to work tomorrow. The person prepares the script for three videos simultaneously on the first. after that he is recording for three videos and then after editing those three videos, he uploads it.

Friends, a person named A uploaded only one video in 1 day, but a person named B uploaded three videos in a single day.

Now here I try to explain to you, when you start doing any one work, then after some time you become expert in that work. but after some time you have to move away from that work and do another work, then your flow Breaks.

You again need time to understand that task. Then you start to understand that task too and after some time you have to do another work after completion of that work and then your flow broken again.

Friends, here only the mean to explain that when you become expert in doing the work of one category. The speed of your work also becomes faster, then you always complete all the tasks of that category together. You should do so that you do not need to apply mind again and again.

When you continuously do the work of the same category, you take very little time to do those tasks.

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Make Priority First of Hard And Important Work

The tasks that are difficult for you, you should put those tasks on your list first. Because friends, when you start working with a fresh mind, your brain is more active at that time.

After some time, when you go to work, your brain gradually starts to feel tired. Therefore, you should prioritize difficult tasks first.

This happens with many people; they prefer to do easy tasks first. But whenever they start feeling tired after some time, that difficult task becomes even more difficult for them. Later you consume double time for this task. If you want to avoid such a waste of time, then hard work should be given first priority.

Set Plan For Whole Day

Set Plan For Whole Day Be More Productive
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There are many people who dedicate their whole day for only work. But in the end, they come across such a situation that even those people are unable to do their work complete even after giving full time.

Because they probably do not have the idea of ​​managing time.

Such people later appear unhappy and say that they are completely devoted to their work but still do not get success in the work.

They need to take some time for this and study their routine. When you bring your daily routine back to mind and think about what time you have worked today.

At that point, you might have some idea of ​​where your time was actually spent.

To avoid such a situation, you should prepare your work outline before work. which work you have to complete in how much time. Then perhaps you will not face the situation of short time. You will be able to become more productive.

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Don’t Forget To Switch off Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone can be very useful for you and it is. But sometimes it also hinders your work.

You are concentrating on your work and your speed has reached the top level. The meaning here is to say that the flow of your work high. But when your phone starts ringing, then your attention shifts from your work to the phone.

Now you might think that what makes a difference was a 1-minute call. I agree you have only talked on the phone for 1 minute. But according to me this 1-minute phone call here has probably spoiled many of your minutes.

When you were focused in your work and faster you were doing your work. But when your phone rings, your mind shifts away from its work to the phone.

Now when you try to concentrate in your work again, it may take you a long time to reach that speed again. Because your brain has to understand the real condition of that work again. Then your work speed gets rebuilt.

Start To Wake up Early in Morning

Start To Wake up Early in Morning Be More Productive
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Your routine also contributes a lot in making you more productive. First of all, you should maintain your routine.

We all start our day with the morning, so we should not let our time be wasted from the morning itself.

Often nowadays people have such a routine that people spend an hour getting up from bed. Their eyes open but they do not feel like getting up from bed. We call it lazy.

Because when you spoil 2 hours to get up can you recover those two hours throughout the day. The time that has passed once, the time cannot come back again.

  • Go early on bed – You have to get up early in the morning for this you have to sleep at night too soon. It is not possible that you sleep late at night and wake up early in the morning. Such a routine does not last long.
  • Set alarm – You sleep very deeply; you do not know when it is morning. Many devices exist nowadays, you can take support of anyone. For this you can set an alarm time in your phone. Or you can also buy an additional alarm clock that can be used to wake up you at the right time.

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Take Healthy Food To Be More Productive

Take Healthy Food To Be More Productive
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Why would you do something that would spoil your health? No person intentionally spoils his health. But he definitely eats healthy food.

He knows that eating unhealthy food can make you sick but he also messes with his health to taste his tongue.

Friends, eating unhealthy not only spoils your health but it also affects your time as well as your lifestyle.

When you be ill due to eating any unhealthy food, then you are not able to do your work. even if you want and if you try to work, then you are not able to do it properly, you make many mistakes in it.

You should not do this; you should always give priority to healthy eating. Only then you will be able to dedicate to some work and do it in a better way without spending more time.

Never Say Directly No

What can be the effect on your productivity by forbid to someone, maybe you are thinking something similar. It does not directly affect your productivity. but indirectly it definitely affects your mind somewhere.

When someone comes to you for help with your work, then you refuse him to work directly. This behaviour will definitely go on feel bad and somewhere in your mind.

Instead of directly refusing that person, you can tell him that I have more work than necessary. if I complete this task then I can think of doing your work somewhere.

This will also make the person in front feel that you do not really have time and you will not be able to help in their work.

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No Multitasking

As I tried to explain to you in the beginning that we should always do the work of the same category at a time.

When we involved in more than one task at the same time, then we cannot concentrate in any one task.

You try to understand one task and also understand it, but when you go ahead with that task, you face another task. Then your attention shifts to that other work and you forget the previous work again.

In this way you will not be able to give your hundred percent in any task.

We try to understand this more by an example. Suppose you are a college student. You are preparing for your exam right now.

Now here is your attempt that you will be replying to your phone message along with studies. You are trying to understand a topic from ten minutes and now it is beginning to make sense to you. but at the same time a message comes on your phone in which your friend asks you what you are doing. Your answer is, you are studying. Now your attention diverted from that topic. You start seeing other things in your phone.

After some time, you put the phone aside and go to that topic again, then that topic has gone out of your mind. You try to revise that topic again in your mind. This has only wasted your time.

It will be right for you that you should focus on only one task at a time. when that work completed then you should think about other work.

Use Dive Method Be More Productive In Life

When someone goes for a swim in the water. So, you must have seen him take a dive and stay in the water for some time and then come out to breathe.

This rule also applies to make you more productive. When you are busy with your work. you should follow the same rules and make small steps to complete the work. This makes that work easy for you and you do not feel boring in that work due to dived in small parts.

Never Compromise For Sleeping

Never Compromise For Sleeping
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Friends, do you know which part of your body parts much affects when you sleeping. You may also know.

Sleep affects our brain the most. Because when your eyes open in the morning, your brain becomes active at the same time and starts giving instructions to your body parts.

To complete every small task, your brain also has to give signals, based on these signals, your body parts work.

Perhaps now you must have understood that your brain does the most work in your body. So, when you sleep, your brain gets the most rest.

If you want to keep your mind active, you can never compromise on your sleep schedule. You have to take enough sleep.

Because the brain contributes to make you more productive. The more your mind becomes active, the sooner you can complete your work with quality. When your mind will not support you in the right way, then hardly you can gain strength in any work.

Give Target To Yourself – To Be More Productive

If you have the desire to work now in a short time, then you must make a target for yourself. In which you can decide how much time you need to do a particular task and you have to do this work before this period.

You must have seen the players racing inside the ground. Those players targeted that you have to cover this distance within a certain time. But when a player completes that race before a certain time. He considered the winner of that race.

But a player who takes more time than the time given for that race to complete that race. That player is not productive in our language. Perhaps that player would not have set any target for himself that he had to cover this distance before the given time.

If that player had fixed a target for himself, he might have been able to cover the distance given in that race.

In the same way, you should also apply this rule in your lifestyle. whenever you start working, set a fixed time for yourself in which you have to complete that work.

Keep All Your Stuff Near You

You have not face such a situation that what you need at the time of working is not available with you.

If this happens, then your mind is back out of its work for some time. Because that essential thing you have to bring from another place. Which makes your time worse while bringing that thing and also distracts your attention.

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Keep Clean Your Workspace

You should always keep your working place clean as far as possible. Keeping clean here does not mean that you have collected dirt at that place and you should clean it. I know that no person can work by sitting in the dirt.

What I mean to say is that you should not keep any such item in your room or on your desk, on seeing which you start thinking about it.

Suppose you have unnecessary items on your table, out of which pictures of some actors and actresses or some other thing. After looking at the photo of the actor, you will start to remember a movie scene that you like. For some time, you will be lost yourself in that movie.

But now you had to focus only on your work, but in front of you comes that photo which diverts your attention.

I had also told earlier that when a person’s attention is somewhere and for some reason the attention diverted. then it takes more time for that person to concentrate on that thing again.

Close Social Media or Personal Emails

You have to work on your computer. And some of your social accounts are also activated on the same computer. You keep getting notifications again and again. Sometimes a friend’s request comes in front of you, sometimes a message comes in front of you.

When the notification comes in front of your eyes, you will hardly be able to stop seeing it. Now you have to see that notification. Looking at the notification, you start seeing anything else.

Saying that again means that your attention is diverted again. And you have to work hard to concentrate on your work again. Why are you bothering your mind? When your mind is supporting you in some work then why are you taking your mind to another place.

Whatever social account you have on your device, you should remove all those account from there. You should make any fixed time for social account but at work you should focus only on work.

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Make Habit To Note Down

Make Habit To Note Down Be More Productive
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When you are working, many types of thoughts often come to your mind, many of them related to your work. There you should just write those ideas in a notebook.

Because you will start paying more attention to those thoughts at the time of your work, then perhaps you will not be able to dedicate your work. Your attention will be diverted again.

Your Family Don’t Interrupt You When Working From Home

You have to make your work environment so that no one can disturb you between. If you are doing this work while you are at home. you should tell your family members in advance that when you are busy with your work, do not disturb you.

Because the family members used to do small things, they will come near your room and knock the door. So, if you tell them about it in advance, then they will not disturb you and you will be able to make your work easily successful.

Turn off Entertainment Sources To be More Productive at Home

Working at home is not less of a difficult challenge as there are also elders and children in the house. And then there will be entertainment equipment for these people. Television is the first entertainment device.

Now you have to handle this situation here, how you can convince your family members to keep the sound of TV and other entertainment equipment low.

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Make Habits Of Read Books

What could be related to your reading of the book being more productive, perhaps this question must have come in your mind. Being friends productive does not mean that you just have to achieve your target.

Whatever successful people are, they definitely take some time to read books. Because reading books expands your thinking power. Because you will get to know many things from which you never knew before.

Sometimes you face a situation where you have to make decisions using your mind. If there is a lack of knowledge there, you spend a lot of time in making decisions or you are unable to take a decision. In such a situation it depends on how far your thinking power is.

Don’t Force Yourself Too Much To Be More Productive

You also get to see in productive people that they do not force themselves to do much work. When their brain is active to do that task, they focus only on that task at that time.

Take Breaks When You Need

Take Breaks When You Need
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You are not a robot here, who can work continuously. When you do your work diligently and your working period becomes a bit longer. After some time, you might start feeling boring and tired in that work.

When you start feeling boring while working. you should understand that your mind is also tired while doing this work. Now your mind needs some rest.

Never Hesitate Asking For Help

This is the easiest way to stop wasting your time and be more productive. Friends, many times you face a situation in which you sometimes get entangled.

At such a time, there is no need to force you there. You do not understand that work. There, without any hesitation, the expert who deals with it must ask for help.

This will not have to waste your mind unnecessarily and you can use the same energy to do your work faster.

End Of Day Examine Your Time Where You Spend

According to you, you have used the whole day correctly. but at the end of the day, you should revise your whole day once again.

How long have you taken for what work?, Where has it taken you longer, Which work did you do the fastest, What problems did you face during the day’s work, How much time did you spend on social media, How much time did you give to family members, How long did you leave with your girlfriend, How much time did you take for yourself?

Many such things may be related to your lifestyle. which you must think about once a day. Which will enable you to know where your time wasted more.

When you make a plan for the next day, you will not repeat your mistake of the previous day. And the next day you will be more productive than before.

Conclusion – How Can Be More Productive

We have some main things come to us related to how a person can be more productive.

The first thing is that if it is possible for us, then we should divide our work into categories. With which we do the work of same category continuously, then we can do that work faster.

The second thing comes to us is that whatever are the things that distract our attention. we should remove those things from ourselves in advance.

The third thing comes to us that we should prepare a plan for that day before starting the day. You should definitely have a list of the tasks you have to do the next day. So that you cannot miss any work.

The fourth thing comes to us that we should never focus on different tasks at the same time. Because at the same time we start doing different tasks. we cannot concentrate on any one task and for this reason we are unable to complete any one task.

The fifth thing comes to us is that you try to be more productive. that does not mean that you can force yourself to do any work. When both your mind and body are active to work, then only you should think to do the work. Otherwise, you will waste your time, becoming a producer is a very distant thing.


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