Friends these days people are losing their patient. Friends, whether you believe this truth or not, you and we are losing our patience somewhere. But the dilemma is that people are not ready to believe that they are losing their patience. Even if someone believes that he loses his patience. Now a question comes in front of him that how can he be more patient.

I have discussed many times in my articles. Nowadays people are forgetting themselves completely. They have even forgotten what to eat and what not to eat. Yet such people turn away from the truth.

You also know that to keep patient we are neither taught in school nor taught in any college nor any special training from our family members. Every person has to learn on his own. Patience is not an item found in the market that you can buy and bring.

If you are patient here and read this entire article, then you can get a lot to learn here.

Reasons Behind lose Patient

Before you can be more patient, we need to know when and how we lose our patience. There are some reasons behind losing our patience. There are some reasons for which we are responsible ourselves. There are some reasons for which someone else may be responsible.

So here we try to know about some of the main reasons which may be the real reason behind losing our patience.

1. Yourself

The first reason behind losing your patient is yourself. Guys suppose you are watching a video on your mobile phone. Suddenly the net speed on your phone decreases. Then you slowly start getting upset about this thing. Then you get angry and start talking about anything. You are upset with the speed of this network. you do not like this network provider at all, by this way you start speaking many things.

Now friends, if you get angry or lose your patience, then the speed of that network cannot increase. so, it makes no sense here to waste your time.

As another example, if we try to know, sometimes you are looking for something in your house. You cannot see the object in front of you. For some time, you try to find that thing and later you lose your patience on why you cannot find it.

2. In front of you

For example, suppose you send Whats App messaged to a friend. but your friend saw that message but did not reply to it. When this happens, people often lose their patient and start thinking badly about the next person.

As another example, we try to understand this. Suppose you have a servant for your house and that servant is always late. So now you get angry at that servant and you start thinking about him according to yourself. You have taken this decision according to yourself. now think from your servant side why he is finally coming late.

Then if you try to find out about his problem. He faces some problem which may be whether the vehicle is not coming on time on the way or his vehicle always comes late. When you become aware of his real problem, then there is no anger of any kind for him.

In this way, you should not take any decision without hurrying and try to understand the situation in every way.

3. Depends on Current Situation

When this situation comes in front of you, suppose that you are going somewhere in your car and you are stuck in some traffic on the way. There you lose your patient and start abusing the system. Now you cannot change the system there at that time. Better than this, you have to be patient and wait for the traffic to return to normal.

For another example, suppose you have reached the airport at the right time for your flight. but for some reason your flight is coming late. Probably no situation is in your hands here and No mistake has been made on your behalf here. If your flight is late, then there is no need to lose patience here. you should only be patient and wait for the flight to arrive. You are cursing the system, can spoil your mind and cannot do more than this.

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Way to Be More Patient

Life is not so easy that you can move alone without any guidance. You need to learn something from every situation everywhere. If you want to make progress in any field, the most important thing for you is to be patient and pursue your work.

Keep Calm and Think – To be more Patient

Keep Calm and Think - To be more Patient
Image Source Pixabay

You often lose patience; you don’t even know when you do it. For this you have to be calm first and you have to think about when and where you lose patience.

If you already know a little bit about your shortcomings. you can settle down by losing patience in that situation by bringing it to your mind.

You should try to know why you often lose your patient and you need to improve on that.

Agree with your Real Situation

When you go to interview to get job in a company and you fail there for some reason. Now somewhere it comes in your mind that you will always be on this. You start feeling that there is no other company other than company where you can get some work. And you lose your patience over there and start thinking about anything.

Friends, according to me here you do not need to lose patience at all. You should keep the peace and you should be satisfied thinking that you have failed for this job. it means that you never fail forever. You will again go to interview for another company and will surely achieve success there.

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Be thankful for others to Be More Patient

You must create such a mindset that if you get some help from another person, then you should always be thankful to him. By having such an idea, you definitely get mental rest somewhere or the other.

Enjoy your Current time

Enjoy your Current time
Image source pexels

Needless you should not put any pressure on your mind. whatever time you are living, you should only understand the value of that time and enjoy it.

Nowadays the mentality of the people is completely spoiled. they never live in their present; they always spoil their present thinking about their future. Due to this, they are not able to live in peace even in their future and they spoil their present time.

Give Rest to your Mind

When a person’s mental balance is not right, then that person loses his patience even in a normal situation which is completely under his control. But the reason behind losing his patient is that his mind is not able to work properly. he fails to take decisions according to the actual situation, due to which the work turns to the opposite, not in favor of him.

Divert your Attention – To be More Patient

Suppose you are engaged in some work and that work is not going according to you. Sometimes it happens that the work has to be done according to you later. but you don’t wait for this thing at all and lose your patience there and in front of people you show yourself as an angry person.

In such a situation you should just divert your attention for some time. give yourself time and see if it is really still getting it wrong or whether he is now starting to get it right.

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Don’t think Extra – To Be More Patient

Don't think Extra - To Be More Patient
Image source Pexels

Don’t know what has happened to people, people think more and doing work less. When a person stresses in his mind more than necessary. Do you think that person can take part in any work?

I never think that he will be able to take part in any work. When he does not understand something, he will lose his patience. So, you do not have to think more than you can ever come, every task definitely needs time to complete. It is never completed before that fixed time.

For example, you have to eat some Chapatis, then when you eating chapati, you can definitely take time eat. At that time if you think that I should eat these chapatis in 1 second. According to me, it will not be possible, if you try to do this, then maybe you can see some wrong results.

Avoid Multitasking – To Be More Patient

Also, to wasting time in many tasks at the same time, no other result can come to you. When you concentrate in many tasks at the same time, then in this situation you are more possibly to get interrupted. By which you are not able to concentrate on any one task.

For example, suppose you are making bread and vegetable inside the kitchen. At that time, if you do not take much time to make vegetables. your chances of burning bread increases and sometimes the bread also goes down. Seeing all this, you are not able to control your anger and you get angry on all these things.

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Make Habit of Waiting

Make Habit of Waiting
Image Source Pexels

I believe that in present time every work complete very fast, but still we have many such works in which time is definitely needed. Like we sometimes have a situation in which we stand in a line for some work and due to some technical issue. we have to stand in that line for some more time.

Now here we are not used to waiting much at all. But even then, you cannot change the system there. You should only wait patiently for your number to arrive there. There can be no change in making the system useless due to your useless things. Therefore, you should never lose patience in such a situation.

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For Every Task Have A Certain Time Period

Everyone is trying to complete their work quickly today. Your thinking is right here, we should apply to complete our work as soon as possible. But when a certain time is necessary for a particular work, in that case you will never be able to do that work before time.

For example, when a woman is pregnant, it usually takes about 9 months for a child to fully develop. If that child comes out of the mother’s womb before 9 months, then it never fully develops. I mean to say here that it is mandatory for you to wait for 9 months.

There may be another situation like this in which you are in dire need of patience.

Awake from comfort zone

Go a little outside your comfort zone and see what is happening in the world. When a person goes out of his comfort zone and goes somewhere. He often has to face some problems. And that person loses his patience in facing their problems. Because that person has never been able to get out of his comfort zone before.

Because now he is having trouble in facing different situation, hence he is getting angry again and again. In such a situation, it is necessary for her/him to understand the problem of why she/he is actually facing him. What is the reason that he is losing his patience? He should think about these two things with little attention and when he faces the same thing again in future, then that person can handle it easily.

Take Deep Breath – To be More Patient

Whenever you are getting angrier due to any problem, first of all you should take deep breaths. Perhaps you have come to mind that what is the meaning of deep breathing here.

Friends, deep breathing here means that when a person takes a deep breath, oxygen reaches his mind. Due to which his brain veins get rest.

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You can make challenge for yourself for particular day

This is the best way to improve oneself. When a person needs to make some improvement in himself. Person should set such a challenge for himself which he is getting more upset.

For example, suppose you start getting angry with small things and you keep on raging all day. So, you should set a challenge for yourself that you will not get angry once in a particular day.

That day should be on your mind that you should not be angry for anything. When you are left without anger for 1 day, then you should set the challenge for 2 days. By this, you will be able to gradually adopt the habit of not getting angry.

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Walk Step by step – To be more Patient

When there is no challenge in front of you, then your mental state is absolutely normal. You will never get angry and lose your patience. Such a situation can come in front of us when we do a step by step.

You must have seen how long a farmer waits for the crop after planting it. Because he knows that the time required for his crop to develop fully, he will surely get this crop. If the farmer also thinks that he has to harvest his crop on the first day, will it happen?

When a gardener plants a new plant, he first digs a pit in the ground, then fertilizes it accordingly and then plants it there. Later, he takes care of the plant for several months and years, pours water into it, and when necessary, also puts medicines in it. Because that owner is aware of this process.

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Encourage yourself – To be More Patient

Encourage yourself - To be More Patient
Image source Pixabay

You should never bring negative thoughts inside your mind. you should only always encourage yourself. Through which positive energy remains active in your mind and you are able to handle every situation easily.

When you are able to handle every situation easily. you probably do not need to get angry anywhere or lose your patience.

Effect of Impatience in your life

Friends, if a person repeatedly loses patient in his life, then effects are seen somewhere on his life as well. And you also know that this effect can never be in his favor. Repeated losing patience only harm for a person. He can never be benefited.

Blockage in Success

Suppose you are working in a Senior post in the office and while staying in that role. you repeatedly lose your temper and get angry at your junior employee. You only saw that situation from your side. If you try to see that situation from the perspective of your junior employee, you probably don’t really need to lose your patience at all.

Again, and again, when person loses his patience, then he gets the wrong result. The person who is working on the same position your under. He will get chance to growth and you only doing your work on same role with same position.

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Relationship will be not good

When you are in a relationship, you repeatedly lose your patient for small things or get angry at your partner. your relationship will not be well. Maybe after a few days, we can also see distance between the two lovers. This can also be a side effect of impatience.

Time waste

When you fail to handle the situation in every possible way, it is like wasting time for you. Because where you have to take a decision after thinking, you start getting angry losing patience.

Mental disturbs

A person starts angry with small problems and gets angry, he is not able to remain mentally active after a few days.

Confusion in decisions

When we do not believe in ourselves. how you have to behave in a particular situation, how to handle people and you lose patience. In such a situation, you will definitely become very confused about your decision.


If you had read the entire article keeping patience here, then you must have learnt at least some of it. Come on, it depends on your wish. Still, here I would like to discuss some important things and try to give you a brief summary of this article.

  • The first thing to learn here is that you must assume that you too sometimes lose your patience.
  • The other thing where learning is that when you come to know that you are losing your patience again and again. you should find out exactly where you lose patience more. what place and for what reason.
  • The third thing we get to learn here is that when you have a problem with another person. you start getting angry at him, then instead of getting angry at him. you should try to see that thing from that person’s angle too. Why exactly that person is committing such mistakes. When you start to see that situation from the person in front of you, then that situation is easily understood. there is never any need to make you angry and lose your patience.

Never think of anything more than you need. As far as possible you should prioritize doing only one task at a time. And should get used to waiting in your life.


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