Friends, the person who is most successful in this world is a common thing among those people.  That thing is the creativity of those people.  Because These people enjoy watching something new and people like to see all the new places.  You know that for any person to be successful, it is very important for him to be creative.  Then a question will definitely come in your mind that how can you be creative or more creative.

Today we will try to discuss this thing in detail.  I will also try to explain what creativity really is.  And how can you also become a creative person?

All of you must have seen the movie by going to the theatre or watching it on your phone.  You can watch the same movie again and again very rarely.  If you watch the same movie again and again, you will get completely bored with that movie.  And after some time, the movie that you watched again and again will not like you at all.

This shows that a human mind is always curious to learn new things.  You can never be happier by looking at old things again and again.  Yes, if you want to understand something deeply, then for that you need to look at that thing again and gather information about it closely.

What is Creativity

What is Creativity
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You have thought that you have become a creative person, but before that you also need to understand what creativity actual mean.  Unless you understand the meaning of this word in detail, you will not be able to do any work according to that word.

We use an example to understand creativity.  Friends, you may have noticed when the first phone came in the market, that phone came with a keypad.  In it, you had to use every function by pressing the keypad.

Now try to understand here that the first person who invented the phone was the most important creativity.  But when human beings made some renovations in it to make it easier to use, to improve it.

He wondered if we can remove the keypad of this phone and change it to full screen.  Where all programs are operating by touch.  So, you have just seen the upgrade of the smartphone in which we found a smartphone that is without a keypad and all its functions are operated only by touching.

Both Innovation and creativity are definitely related to each other.  Because without creativity nothing can be innovative.  Therefore, first a person has to bring creativity in his mind and its result comes in the form of innovation.

Way to become More Creative

Way to become More Creative
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Make a Special Room or Place for Creativity

Here you are not even being told that you have to make a very special room and you can create creativity by going there.  It just means to tell you that you have to choose a place where you find peace.  At least people have to come there.

The only meaning here is to say that you choose a place where if you do something different then you do not feel that someone is try to provoking, then it starts making fun of you.

But friends have a bitter truth that unless someone didn’t make fun of your creativity, then you cannot move forward in making your creativity successful.  People will make fun of your creativity when they start to notice your creativity.  And when someone starts to notice the creativity of some person, then understand that half of your work is done there.

Give time to yourself

Give time to yourself
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According to me, creativity happens inside every human being, but that person does not recognize the ability of him.  Because that person does not have time to understand himself.

When he is born, some time spent under the care of his family members, then later the parents forcefully send him to school, then after completing education, he starts looking for a job somewhere.

And in the end, that person is able to get a job by giving an interview somewhere and then that person is involved in the tasks of the day.  Sometimes he has office work and sometimes he has domestic work.  He wastes his time in fulfilling them.

Here, that person needs to find time for himself and he should give the opportunity to himself.  He will never be able to do anything creative until he will not find time for himself.

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Be Curious a Step for Creativity

Curiosity can inspire you to do something new.  According to me, no person can do any new work under pressure.  Under pressure, he is only able to follow the orders of his seniors.

For example, suppose you like using a new phone because you have the curiosity to know about the new feature.  So, your interest in that thing starts increasing.  When you use the new phone, your mind also gets peace.  That is to say, the only thing here is that you really enjoy using the new phone.

You get pleasure from doing work and you have curiosity about it. If you think of doing something creative only for that work then you can succeed in it.  It means here that a person must have curiosity about that thing before doing creative.

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Take Proper Rest and Sleep

Take Proper Rest and Sleep
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Where you are thinking of doing something creative, for that you should not take any kind of carelessness in relaxing your body.  I had also said earlier that you cannot do creativity under anyone’s pressure, even after following someone’s order, you cannot.

You will be able to do creativity only if you are ready for it yourself and you are also interested in it.

You should never compromise with your sleep.  Until your brain is completely not relaxed, the cells of your brain will not be able to activate and function.  The cells that bring creative ideas to your brain will become inactive.

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Drink enough water to be Creative

Drink enough water to be Creative
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Drinking enough water is necessary for our body to function properly.  Friends, when you are not able to give enough water to your body, then your brain also becomes dehydrated.  During that time, some of the cells of your brain is completely inactive.  At that time, only your brain can give you normal instruction.  If we have to use the mind more or create creative ideas in our mind in a different way, then always keep in mind that there is never a shortage of water in our body.

Take Healthy food

Take Healthy food
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Now perhaps this question must be coming in your mind, what is the relation of creativity with eating healthy food.  Yes friends, it is definitely related to your mind.

For example, suppose you have eaten too much Junk food.  Now your intestines have to work very hard to digest this junk food.  No machine is installed in the intestines, there is only blood circulation in them.  Our intestine is able to function only on the basis of blood circulation.  Here, most of your blood circulation is used by your intestines.  Therefore, the circulation of blood in our body does not reach our brain completely.  And due to less blood circulation, our brain is not able to work even by being fully active.

Therefore, you should avoid eating more junk food.  Healthy eating should always be given priority.

Make plans for tour (Traveling)

Make plans for tour (Traveling)
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If you ever notice, then you must have noticed that all the artists are creative people, they like to travelling very much.

They have a mentality behind it that when people go out for a walk, these people get creative ideas by seeing new things in a new place.

Because this is the reason behind it when your brain gets new information then it installs new information and at the same time it refreshes your mind completely.

Have you ever noticed that when you travel somewhere, you start thinking a lot on seeing new things?  When you see something that you have no idea about, then it increases your curiosity about how this thing actually works.  By the time you get complete information about that thing, you start thinking a lot for that thing in your own way.

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Follow creative people

Follow creative people
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You thought to saw some creative people you also be more creative; you should always follow these people.  And the most important thing is that you should start living in the company of people who are creative.  You are not going to get anything by having a relationship with the useless people.  Your relationship with wasteful people can only waste your time.

When you connect with creative people, from there you get inspiration to do something new from their creativity.  And if you do something creative with that inspiration in mind, then you will be able to succeed in it.

You should also keep in mind here that when you think of doing something creative, then you will definitely have surplus people.  Those people will come to you and tell your work wrong and they will surely make fun of your work.

Such useless people do not do any work themselves and whoever someone thinks of doing something creative, tries to interrupt their work also.  So, you have to create a simple mindset that you never have to keep in touch with such people.

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Don’t compare yourself to other

Where you start compare yourself less than others, your focus shifts away from your work.  And there you start to consider yourself less than others.

You do not need to do any competition with anyone. You have to do generate an idea to do something new.  So, you should never compare yourself with others, you should focus on the way you are thinking of doing something.

Believe in new experience

According to me, to be creative, should always believe in new experiences.  When we try to know something about the new category, only then new ideas related to it start coming in our mind.

This also does not mean that you start experiencing new experiences in the area you are thinking of doing something creative.  This applies to you even when you are thinking of doing something.  If you are working on a project then only you should focus on that project.

Ready to Take Risk – to be creative

If you want to be successful, then you should never be afraid to take risks.  Creativity is the only means that you have to do something new and you have to take risks to develop that new work.

For example, suppose you have such a creative idea in your mind that you think it will definitely succeed.  But you will not be able to know about its real truth until you will not go on practical with that creative idea.  And that creative idea will be limited to your brain.

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Day Dreamer

This may sound strange to you, but the person who dreams in the day is different from normal people.  When a person dreams, similar pictures come in his dream for which he is quite serious.  And sometimes a person gets an idea to do something new from his dream.

Observations – To Be Creative

Observations - To Be Creative
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Friends, according to me, creativity can be done by seeing a common thing.  But before think creative, you have to observe all information about that thing.  When you get to know about it completely, then later you are able to create that thing in your own way.

As if you are liking something very much, then here you should find out what is really in this thing because of which it is being liked by you more.  You know the reason, then you should think about this thing, how it is made.

One of the most important things is that whenever you have a different idea in your mind, then you must write that creative thought in a notepad.  It happens that sometimes creative ideas come to your mind, but due to laziness, they are not being to note anywhere and after some time they get out of your mind.


Friends, here we talk about this article conclusion, then some important things come in front of us.  First of all, you cannot do this creativity under pressure from anyone.  When you are curious about something, then thoughts related to it start coming to your mind automatically.

You should give proper rest to your brain so that the brain cells can become more active.  You should never compare yourself to other people.  Their way of thinking is different and your way of thinking is also different.  You always ready to take risks.  You should believe in doing any work.


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