Human nature gets attracted towards seeing any good thing, now that thing can be anything for them.  Everyone has a desire to become more attracted towards others.  People respect them more than usual.  Your wish is that you should be the more attractive among your friends, but somewhere in your mind, the question also comes that how can you be more attractive than others.

You may have also felt this when you are with your friends and for some reason there you get less importance than your friends, then there is probably some thinking in your mind that you too are from those friends.  How can you make your importance more or equal to them?

Now here we talk about Importance, so as far as I know Importance depends on your work along with being attractive.  When people start to think that maybe you can be beneficial for them at that time, then they listen carefully to everything you do.

But we will not talk here keeping in mind your work.  Here will try to discuss some of the points for you to get the answer of your questions that come to your mind how you can be more attractive and it will probably be important as well as beneficial for you.

Genuine Way to make yourself more attractive

Genuine Way to make yourself more attractive -
Image Source Pixabay

Here we come to the point of making a person more attractive.  If it comes to us to make an object more attractive, then perhaps we could decorate that object and make it more attractive than before.  Now when it comes to a human being here, we cannot use the decorating method on that person.

So, we will have to do some such improvement within ourselves, which may not be immediately visible to you, but if we talk about its result, then it will start to feel after some time.

Clean your mind

Along with the body, we must also cleanse our minds because nowadays people look at each other and make misunderstandings.  People start having bad thoughts about each other.  Till positive thoughts not come in the mind of a person, he is not able to do any work easily and also cannot show himself properly in front of people.

Therefore, if you walk with positive thoughts in your mind, then you will interact well with all the people and due to your good behavior, those people will soon be attracted by you.

Grow up your good qualities

Everything has two results: one is good and one is bad.  If we want people to get good results from our side, then we have to do something that people like.

So, you should first study yourself and try to find out which quality you actually have, which you can improve more and which are the bad quality that you have in attracting Interruptions are being created.

Be serious about your lifestyle

Be serious about your lifestyle -
Image Source Pixabay

In today’s time, people are becoming very lazy, their sleep time is not fixed and the time to wake up in the morning is not fixed.  Sleeping till late at night, partying with friends, they completely forget to take care of their body in all these things.

Many people are attractive since childhood, but there are many people who have to work on it to become attractive.

Now here too, perhaps you need that if you are a little careful for your lifestyle, then it can be beneficial for you.  Therefore, first of all, you should make a habit of keeping yourself active.  A fixed time should be fixed for each task, due to which you will be able to make time for additional improvement.

You should give up laziness completely.  It is probably you who knows that laziness can never be beneficial for you, it is for us that laziness brings wrong results.  First of all, you should give up laziness.

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Make your skin fresh to be more Attractive

Here we are talking about how we can be more attractive, so how can we forget our skin for this, because our skin contributes a lot to make our personality more attractive.

Perhaps you have also noticed that people who have good glow in the skin, they also appear different in the crowd.  And if a girl looks beautiful, then her skin contribution is there and in the same way, if a boy impresses other, then his condition also has an important role in making him more attractive.

So here it is not a little exaggerating thing that you should never careless for your skin because your first impression is based on your skin.

If you feel that your skin condition is good here, then you need to go to a professional or you can take care of it regularly at your home.

Choose a good style for your hair

We are talking here about how a person can be more attractive, then we cannot ignore the contribution of hair within this subject at all.  When the quality of hair on your head is good, then understand that your hairstyle contributes the most in making you attractive.

So, take a little time to do a little study about your hair style and decide which hairstyle will be right for you, which can help you to become attractive.

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Choose attractive color for clothes

Friends, you have to pay a little attention on your clothes to look different and attractive.  Because when people first meet a person, they definitely notice his dressing style.

Because in today’s time there is a saying that is absolutely right things that which one show which also sold.  In such a situation, you have to focus on your looks and choose color that helps to make your looks even more attractive.

Here now also one cannot decide which color is more attractive because people have different choice, if seen then red color which make doubles the attractiveness of any person.  If you feel that wearing red color gives an improvement in your looks then you must try red color as well.

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Focus on your shoes also

Focus on your shoes also
Image Source pixabay

If you like to look different from all the people and you want to be more attractive than those people, then you should not ignore your Shoes style also.  Because in today’s time people are sitting ready to judge each other. I am not saying that you are improving yourself to get full scale of those people.  Now just want that there is no such deficiency in you, due to which your attraction can decrease.

Use light perfume

You should never make the mistake of choose hard perfumes; it is often the cause of many headaches.  But there are many people who love to use hard perfumes but they forget that maybe someone nearby can get upset with it.

It is a fact that people often get disturbed by hard perfumes and later their suffering from headaches.  Because hard perfume affects your mind immediately.  According to me, you should never use hard perfume to become more attractive.

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No need to smile too much

Many boys and girls get used to laughing a lot.  They smile even on such occasions where they should not do at all.  Because those people have become habit to it.

Sometimes you have seen if there is something serious happening and at that time you do smile or start laughing, then it becomes a strange situation.  Don’t even know people start thinking that you have gone mad.

I believe that whenever you meet someone, you should do interact with smile.  But you should understand that in which place you should give smile and in which situation you should not.

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Decrease fat (if you fatty)

Sometimes when a person is suffering from excess fat, it becomes a big reason to down his personality.  Here we are talking about how a person can be more attractive, so there is no reason to be more attractive here, even that personality does not remain normal.

If you are also a victim of excess fat and want to develop your personality, then first of all you should take some measures to reduce your weight.  After that you try to know the reasons for becoming more attractive.

Start to wear sunglasses way to be attractive

Start to wear sunglasses way to be attractive -
Image Source Pixabay

Although sunglasses are often worn to protect the eyes from sunlight, but nowadays it has become a fashion.  When someone comes out wearing sunglasses, his looking style changes to a great extent.

Here, if we talk about reality, if we identify the beauty of anyone, then the most important role in it is the eyes.  Beauty is formed and deteriorates only on the basis of eyes.  There are many people whose eyes become the reason for their beauty to fall, so if those people use sunglasses then their eyes are hidden behind the sunglasses.

However, if there is someone whose eyes are quite attractive, people often discuss their eyes by looking at them, then such a person should never wear sunglasses to make them more attractive.  If you want to protect your eyes from the sun, then you should wear the necessary sunglasses.

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Leave the think to be thin like a model (For Girls)

There is always a problem with girls that girls start working to thin themselves too much.  They begin to compare themselves to a model.  Now you should never compare yourself to a model here.  They do such work on their look for their profession.

And if you are not becoming a professional model, then you should not think to be too thin like them.  Maintain yourself in the usual way that you have become much thinner and do not allow yourself to be overweight.

Because when you become too fat, you become a laughingstock for others, and when you become too thin you can still cause some of their taunt.  In order to make yourself more attractive, one should never play with health.

Stand straight

People are becoming very lazy when they are asked to stand for only two or four minutes, then those people are not able to stand straight at all, they band themselves in the middle.  You think that the person who is not able to stand straight and bends himself, can you be attract by looking at him.

According to me, you are advised to keep yourself absolutely straight whenever you are with your friends or attending any program.  This makes the front person feel that you are very active.  And a person standing straight seems more attractive than a person standing up.  You can improve such small things in yourself.

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Don’t choose too long clothes

Nowadays boys are more interested in wearing free style clothes, but it is not that you start wearing similar clothes everywhere.  The only thing to note is that while choosing clothes, we should also pay attention to the size of the clothes and avoid wearing clothes of a larger size than ever.

Beard make your looks good

How to be more Attractive Personality in real life -
Image source pixabay

Here, if we talk about being more attractive to a boy, then we should never forget about his Beard.  It takes a big contribution of Beard to make a man from boy to man.

If we imagine a person without a Beard, he is probably not able to look much attractive.  And if we see the same person with Beard, he looks more attractive with Beard.  But here one thing should also be kept in mind that whether or not the person looks good Beard should also be known beforehand.  You have thought in your mind that you will become more attractive to me and it is seen that you are starting to get angry because of the Beard.  Then you probably shouldn’t have a Beard.

But a person who likes to have a Beard and gets a good effect on his look too, should always be careful about it.

Don’t Delay for haircut

By the way, it is seen that nowadays everyone is more careful about their hairstyle.  The thing for you to keep in mind here is that you should never delay to get a haircut.  At the time when your hair is ready to take a haircut, you should reach your professional without delay.

Sometimes people get lazier about their hair and at the same time they have a situation where they have to go with friends or to attend an event.  In such a situation you lose your looks completely.

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Deep cleaning your hands

If you look at your hands often during the winter season, you can see a lot of dirt on them.  It is not a big deal but when we sit somewhere with our friends, we have to bring our hands a little in front of them.

At that time, if someone’s eyes fall on their hands like frozen dirt, then there is a bed impression on you.  So, in the matter of cleanliness, you should never need information about negligence. This thing will be considered correct about the cleanliness of our entire body.

No need to think and worry so much

Why do you want to think more than you think that anything will come in your favor due to your over thinking?  It can never come in your favor because of you thinking more.  There can be nothing more than a waste of your time.

Now the question comes in your mind that what will affect a person’s thinking more.  I agree that directly there will be no effect on his attraction here.  But you think if a person thinks for any work more than necessary, will he be able to remain active for other tasks.  Will who think too much will be able to interact well with friends.

According to me, he will not be able to talk to any person in a great way.  Because there are some other thoughts going on in his mind.  By doing this, the time he is with someone but his mind is somewhere else.  So, it is important that when you are doing a task in real time, then only you should think about that task at that time.  If you have joined a party at some point, then only you should think about enjoying that party at that time.

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Take care of you lips

Take care of you lips -
Image source Pixabay

The lips of the girl have a great influence in maintaining the beauty of the girl.  When the weather changes, dryness often occurs in our lips and cracks also occur in the lips.  They start to look strange to others when they see lips.  Perhaps at the same time someone can also give you some suggestions about lips.

So as far as possible you should take care of your lips, there never comes a time when someone will tell you something about your lips. Lips contribute to making anyone’s looks more attractive.

Be positive to become attractive

Simply, a person’s negativity has no effect on his or her attractiveness, but somewhere his or her mind is definitely affected.  If a person’s brain does not work properly, will that person be able to interact well with friends or with family members.

According to me, he will never be able to impress anyone.  Therefore, to say here, it means that no person should keep negative things inside the mind, always with a positive thought to do any work.

When you share a plan with your friends and at that time you talk more negative things about the plan then your friends will never be able to trust you.  And the matter of your being more attractive is far away, you will become less attractive than usual.

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Make yourself more creative

If you ever notice, girls always like boys who are more creative.  Because whoever lives with such boys who have a passion for doing something new, no person can ever be bored with them.

If we do not do any new work and keep following the same work, then perhaps we also start feeling bored with that work somewhere.  So, you should always think about doing something new and keep doing it, people are more attracted to the person who does something new.  There is also a desire of people to go to him and talk to him.

Choose makeup as per your skin requirements

Girls are very vigilant about their face, girls never let them create any reason due to which any bad effect can be seen on their face.  But sometimes due to the high care, girls often choose the wrong makeup package to look more beautiful.

Due to which many bad effects are caused by that makeup package on her face, it is important for you that whenever you go for makeup for your face, always keep in mind that It is going to suit your skin.  It should not react against your skin.

Here you have not been given any suggestion, here you have just been instructed to never choose any wrong makeup package in order to become more attractive.

Give importance who understand your value

Do not waste your time by visiting such friends who do not understand your true value.  By going there, only you can get yourself insulted.  You should spend more time with friends who understand you well and also respect you.  If you live with them then you are able to do something good and if you live with people who do not believe in wanting you well then you can never progress by being with those people.

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Don’t make yourself boring

Always try to that nobody can feel that you are a boring person.  You should always try to be active.  More and more people try to make contact with the person who is active in every task.  Because somewhere that person automatically starts to look attractive to people.

Give Time to yourself

I believe that in today’s time, everyone is very busy in their work, they completely forget to take time for themselves.  It is important for everyone to work, but it also does not mean that we work so much that we forget to live for ourselves.

Friends, there is no use in working in this way.  Along with work, we should never forget to enjoy our life.  Maybe we work only to live a good life and we get so busy in the same work and we forget to live a good life.

Maybe here you are cheating yourself.  Therefore, the thing to understand is that at least keeping yourself in mind, take some personal time for yourself and study yourself at which place you are standing now.  And where are you making mistakes.  With this you can also join any additional activity.  And will be able to interact with new people.

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Make addiction to be happy

Make addiction to be happy -
Image Source pixabay

Do or do not take any intoxicating substance, but you definitely make yourself to be happy.  When you succeed in keeping yourself happy then you can have the ability to give happiness to other people as well.

And friends, when a person becomes a reason to give happiness to other people, then nothing can be more important to him.  You will be happy only then you will be able to cause attraction for other people.  If you have seen now, often people like to talk with the person who keep happy to himself also.  People who are always thinking and always have some negative thoughts in their mind, they fall completely alone at some point.

So, throw the negativity out of your mind and always keep yourself happy and try to make others happy too.  All other work will be done on its own.

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Relax in real moments

Nowadays people have got such a habit when they are resting, yet in reality people who are not able to relax.  Because there are some things going on in his mind and even with his family to only say, but in fact his mind is wandering elsewhere.

You should think about the time from where you are in real time and if you are in a place to relax, then you should forget the things on the right and left.  If you have gone out for a picnic somewhere, then you should do all the office work on one side and have fun to make the picnic more fun.

At least it will be that you are in one place at a time and enjoying it.  Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy any moment.

Respect to others

To build respect for yourself in the eyes of someone, first of all you have to respect that person. Hence it is called Give Respect and Take Respect.

If you put a sense of respect for others in your nature, then you automatically become a reason for attraction for those people.  Perhaps you can also become a topic of discussion for those people.

Share your thoughts with people

Share your thoughts with people
Image Source Pixabay

Don’t always be much quiet, Share your thoughts with others.  I agree that you have a lot of knowledge in every subject, but as long as you do not put your ideas in front of others, will those people know about your ideas.  The simple thing is that if you do not share your thoughts with anyone, then they will probably not know about you at all.

Someone has rightly said that knowledge always increases by sharing knowledge.  So, when you put your thoughts in front of other people, you also get to know their thoughts at the same time.  If your thoughts are more influential, then they people directly affect by you.  In their eyes, you are able to establish an image as a knowledgeable and intelligent person.  And whenever you face them again, those people come towards you from the front.  That’s why you are able to be more attractive in the eyes of other people.

Show you are carrying

Never allow yourself displayed as a mean person in front of the world.  You are not being advised to show off here. Only here you are being suggested that you should always carry towards them for your family members and your friends. This leads to a positive signal towards you in the eyes of the people.


Here we discussed today how a person can be more attractive.  In this regard, we tried to give you some suggestions which may be helpful for you.  Now if we talk about the whole of this article, then some things come in front of us.

  • The first thing is that first of all you should try to know about yourself where you are standing.
  • The second thing comes that you should completely remove negative things from your mind.
  • The third thing comes out that you should be a little careful for your lifestyle and give up the lazy routine altogether.
  • Fourth thing comes in front of us that we should always be vigilant about the style of our clothes, never be careless about the style of clothes.
  • And the most important thing is that you should always be happy, always think of doing something new and should have interact with more and more people, the rest of the work will be done on your side automatically.


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