Friends, every person wants to keep his talk in front of people assertive. but he is unable to understand the situation at that time. And he reveals his ideas to the people, but his method should not be done. Now the question comes, how can you be more assertive?

You don’t understand the need to take suggestions from anyone to do whatever you want to do. It was consider a good quality of you. If you want to make yourself more effective. you must definitely appreciate the feelings of other people. Every person who wants to put things in front of others. there is no shortage from his side, but somewhere he also puts his thoughts wrongly in front of people.

There can be two main reasons for going wrong. The first is that he puts his talk in front of the people with lack of confidence. The second is that he becomes aggressive while placing his words.

What is Assertive

What is Assertive
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Here we try to understand the definition of assertive in limited terms. It comes to us that when a person has to put his thoughts in front of someone. He should tell his thoughts to the next person in such a way where the feelings of anyone should not get hurt and no one should be disrespected.

Make Clear Difference Between Assertive and Aggressive

The biggest dilemma seen here – that often people do not recognize the difference between both assertive and aggressive. Where situation required to be calm and to put their point in front of someone. but they do this by being aggressive.

Here we have brought some examples to understand the difference between Aggressive and Assertive. So that you will easily understand the difference between these two.

Situation # 1 – Difference of Speaking to Your Car Mechanical

When a person gets his car serviced and when he comes to pick up his car after servicing. He is often heard a different sound from that car but he never dares to go to the mechanic again for this. But the people who dare to talk to mechanic. We see two differences in their behavior.

#Aggressive – You feel that your car engine is making some extra sound and you should talk to the mechanic of the car again. You go over there and speak to the car mechanic as to why you did not correct the extra voice coming from engine. Am I not giving you money to service the car? Or are you having problems servicing my car.

#Assertive – Even after your car is being serviced, there is still a problem in that car and you go to the car mechanic again to talk about it. Going there you say that Sir I am hearing some extra sound from the engine of this car. Request that you test the engine of this car once again. You might not have noticed while servicing the car.

Situation #2 – Handling your Co-worker

#Aggressive – You also handle a team during office work. One person in the same team who is not able to perform his task well or that person is failing to achieve his target. This issue comes to you and you take that member to a cabin. There you start telling him that you did not achieve your target even last month and you are going to make mistakes. I will not accept any mistake from you and I will take strict action against you.

#Assertive – You can share the same thing with that member. you can take him to the cabin and say that if you are a little behind in achieving your target then you should be more active towards your work. You will try to think about reducing the number of mistakes.

Perhaps you have understood here that you speak the same thing in two different ways, which you do not even know.

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Way to Become More Assertive

Way to Become More Assertive
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We have tried to understand here what actually means assertive. If you have come to know about this thing then you will not have any problem in becoming more assertive. So now you get ready, we try to know how you can actually be more assertive.

Listen Carefully

You should fully involve yourself in the habit here that whenever you are in front of a person or in a meeting. you will listen carefully to the whole thing of the next person.

Because before answering anything, we should know what exactly is the issue. what you can say in this regard that can be right for you and because of you never hurt someone’s Honour.

Be Calm – To Be More Assertive

According to me we can handle any situation easily by being calm instead of angry there. Anger can spoil any of your work, but if you try to calm down and solve the problem of the same work, then you also succeed in it. You have to be effective but you should also pay attention that if you become aggressive to become effective. there can be some problem in becoming your assertive there.

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Be Patient

Friends, many times a situation created in front of you where you completely lose the patient. there you are handling the situation with anger. Friends, you may have heard that when we have to reach our destination, we cannot reach there directly. If we walk step by step to get there, then we can be successful.

Where you feel that someone has done a very bad job for you. Now you must first be patient and understand the situation how it actually happened to you. When you know the whole issue then you need to react there.

Speak Directly To Be More Assertive

If you not agree with someone’s proposal, then if you speak in front of everyone during the proposal that you do not feel right for some reason then it makes your image even more effective. You can give such suggestions there which may be understood by those people during the proposal and they can be accepted. You do not need to turn the talk left-right.

But if you do not say the same things directly and talk with someone after some time. Those things have no meaning. Therefore, whatever you have said, it is right to believe in speaking directly.

Confident Body Language

Where you are putting some of your ideas in front of people, your boss is sitting there. You are always there to impress your boss. So that he can think a bit about your growth in the coming time.

You understand the matter either way, it depends on whether you are fully confident about that thing or not. Suppose you are giving a presentation for a project in your office. So there, along with your talk, you should keep your body language confident too.

It is not that when you are vibrating your feet during your speech and also your hands. It is important for you here that you must practice for this only then you will be able to look completely confident there.

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Speak Simple Way

Speak Simple Way
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Speak in such a way that your language is easily understood by everyone. To make your thoughts more impressive. you use such language which sometimes other people do not understand. If you have to give an example of something, then you give priority to such example which related to daily life of people. Do not delay in understanding anyone to you from there.

Decide Boundaries

Definitely, You should determine the boundary for yourself from today onward because sometimes the person crossing his boundaries says something that related to the personal life of the person in front. When you cross your limits in the circle of making your talk more attractive there and it proves you a wrong-minded person there.

Can’t Control Others Person Behavior

You should also keep in your mind when you do not like a person’s behavior at all. But even after wishing, you should not try to control the behavior of any person.

Even if you try to give him lecture, but still his behavior cannot be according to you. You will only be able to waste your time here.

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Speak in Positive Way To Be More Assertive

The reason behind your being positive depends on whether your mindset is negative or positive. Often, people are eager to listen to the people they speak positive.

For example, suppose you go to a restaurant and you order a coffee there. After some time, coffee comes to your table. But when you take coffee, you feel that it is lacking in sugar.

Now you need to call any member of restaurant and say that if the amount of sugar is increased in this, then the test of coffee will be more Delicious. Your way of talking here is assertive.

Ready to Take Negative and Positive Feedback

Whenever a person does a work, he gets feedback for that work at any time. he can be feedback positive and can also be negative. But if you accept that feedback by being positive, then it will definitely teach you something.

But it is often seen that when someone does not get any feedback in his favor, then he starts ignoring those things. You have worked then it is not necessary that everyone will like it. Will match everyone’s ideology.

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Make Default ‘I’ in Your Dictionary

Here you need to pay a lot of attention to this thing that people are often forgetting to use I. They always give priority to using you.

Suppose you want someone to do some work, then here you have 2 ways to speak the same thing.

The first way is that you go to that person and order them that you have to do this work.

The second way is that you go to that person and tell him that I request you to do this work for me. If you do this work, then I will be very happy.

Which way did you like the best here? According to me, you must have liked the second way also. Because in addition to making your point effective, you also kept in mind that your talk should not harm the honor of the next person in any way. Which exactly happened in the first way.

According to the first method, when you order him, maybe his self-respect is definitely hurt. He feels why you are ordering him this way. If he works as your junior then he will definitely do your work but he will probably not think anything good towards you while doing this task.

Take Time to React

Take Time to React
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Sometimes when you are talking with someone. you sometimes do not understand any issue or topic. There is no need to express your views on any issue without knowing there.

If you are feeling confused then you can say that I do not fully understand your point.

And sometimes you understand the matter but you need some time to think about it. You must take that time and no need to answer anything under pressure. You should take this time for some time to understand the issue and then thoughtfully you should speak on that issue in a different way.

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Never Use Directly ‘No’

Your say directly No to someone that can be bad for someone. But where do you need to say no directly to anyone.

A person comes to you and ask to do some work from you but due to lack of time you are unable to do that work. So, you can talk comfortably and tell him that I have so much work left over for now. After my work is done, I can think of doing your work.

By this, the next person will automatically know that you do not have time and you will not be able to do his work.

But when you speak directly that you will not be able to do its work. So, the person in front may feel bad. Because today you are trying to learn that you can also express your thoughts. nobody has any objection to your thoughts, that means someone’s feelings are not hurt by your thoughts.

Benefits of Assertiveness

You always put your thoughts in front of people with assertiveness. You are never worried about your thoughts for long. Because whenever you feel that you should discuss this issue. You put your views in front of people with assertiveness.

This will make you effective as well and you also get many benefits from it. which you are probably not familiar with. Because that benefit you get indirectly.

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You Will Feel Relaxed

Suppose a thought has been going on in your mind for a long time and you are not daring to discuss it. If you keep that thing in your mind for a long time, then maybe you can go into mental stress after some time.

But you are a confidant and a courageous person who never delays sharing your words with others. It is very beneficial for you. Because you do not keep anything in mind for a long time. you do not delay in consulting people for whatever problem you have related and after some time you get the solution of same problem.

Face Least Problem in Your Way

The assertiveness in your talk, there is no lack of confidence anywhere in you. Because both Assertiveness and Confidence are related to each other.

When a person lacks confidence, he is hardly able to put his point in front of people with assertiveness.

You have the desire to keep your talk with confidence but if you are lacking in confidence somewhere then you are unable to carry forward your point.

Where there is no lack of confidence in a person, there are very few problems in the way of that person. Because the person who lacks confidence is afraid to face those problems. But the person who has full confidence removes those problems easily.

Conclusion – How to be More Assertive

Friends, you should also keep in mind that you are not being aggressive in any way. Many people sometimes put their words in front of people aggressively to put weight in their talk.

Only after self-confidence, patience and peace can you put assertively your words. Any person lacks any of these three things, he is never able to speak his words with assertiveness.


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