You do not like the interfere of other people in your life at all. So you have made up your mind that you will be independent in Life. It is a matter of great pride that you have decided to become independent. Taking the right decision at the right time is considered a complete human being.

When you make yourself independent, then you have the freedom to do everything as per your wish. Similarly, a person who is not independent often looks at the faces of others all the time. Because that person’s dependence on others has increased.

The person who decides to be independent by himself. He does not delay at all in understanding his responsibilities.

You must have seen many people whose people are dependent on others for every work as soon as the day starts.

They need..

  • Coffee on the bed.
  • Snack on the table.
  • Do not know how to wash clothes.

Sometimes they need to go out, so they try to liberate that work by putting it on other people.

Differences in Dependent – Independent – Interdependent

Dependent – as I discussed in the above paragraph, they are all qualities of a dependent person. Depends on others for most tasks. Most people deliberately make themselves dependent on others because they do not try to be independent at all.

Such people become so lazy that they do not even try to move from there until they get an order.

And despite not wanting some person to be dependent, but they are dependent on the other person. who can’t run from one place to another place without their orders? Because such people who are completely dependent on others. They may have lost their faith somewhere and may also be afraid of their life. And there can be any reason.

Independent – Who is completely opposite from the dependent person. The person who thinks of doing his own work and along with thinking he does his own work. We also call such a person an independent person.

Interdependent – A person who takes the advice of others for his work. but when it comes time to work, that person takes his own decision.

Here the person definitely shows his dependence on others for some time. But when it comes time for him to take action, he is there and works with his mind only.

A person who once asks his senior to do any work, but when he moves to work, he works by his own logic.

Tips for To Be Independent

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If you know, there are many countries struggling for many years to get their freedom. You look at India, which for many years continued its efforts to free itself from the British government. And in the end has also got success.

Here only you have to improve yourself.

Today we are talking about how a person can become independent. When a child is born from its mother’s womb, it does not have control in its hand at that time.

The child takes born and became independent. I do not think so. For some time, that child has to depend on his parents. But when the same child is able to handle the situation. Then he must take a step to become independent going ahead.

Being independent also does not mean that you forget your parents completely, remove a contact from them. You are trying here to become independent, for this, you should never forget to take guidance from your parents and elder.


The first step for any person to become independent is to start doing self-activity. Here you should start with your routine. Because when you start getting used to doing small things on your own, then you will not depend on anyone even in a difficult life.

  • Make your account yourself
  • Remember your password yourself
  • Login yourself
  • Make your plans yourself
  • Cook your food yourself
  • Wash your clothes
  • Make Tea or Coffee
  • Make yourself an expert

It is said here that you have to create your own account, it does not mean that you can go to a bank and start creating your own account.

This can only mean social accounts associated with your personal life. Because there are many people who do not even learn to create an account, for that, they also depend on others.

You should try to do the whole work of your routine yourself, for that which you do not know how to do, you should have the curiosity to learn it.

Talk Independently to People

Talk Independently to People
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If you feel shy to talk to people, then you should put your shyness in a bag and handover it to the garbage car.

When a guest or relative comes to your home, you do not talk to them at that time. And tell your mother that I feel shy that you should talk to these people.

Have you thought to live your whole life like a child? If you have thought so, then you are cheating your life. When a lot of time will be passed in your life, then you will sit one day and think about your past, then you will feel ashamed of yourself.

So, it should not be so that today you are shying to yourself in front of others. But after some time, you started feeling ashamed on yourself. You cannot become independent in just 1 minute, but you can definitely become something in some time.

You get a chance to talk with people, never go back. Talk with them what are you planning to do in your future, what are you currently doing. You should talk about all things and the person in front will also share some good things with you.

Handle Situation Independent

Many such situations will come in your life, some situations will be favourable to you and some situations will be opposite to you. If you already handle all the situation independently. You will not let yourself lose in a difficult situation.

But a person who depends on others for all the small things, if he faces any difficult situation then how will his situation be.

May be too bad.

An Independent person already handles every situation without being dependent on anyone. There cannot be many problems here for him. Because he has experience over time.

Don’t Forget to Take Guidance From Your Life Teacher or Coach

You are right to think that you do not want to depend on anyone, you have to become independent. Your thinking is absolutely right. But sometimes such a situation is created in front of a person, there is a need for experience along with mind.

You should never ignore the importance of guidance in becoming independent. Because on the basis of the guidance, soon you are able to make yourself independent.

Do Something To Learn New

It is first necessary that you should know about worldliness. You only know about worldliness when you are ready to do something.

When a person wants to do something or is doing something, at the same time he meets people related to it.

So, you should always be ready to learn something new, due to which you get an opportunity to face new challenges soon.

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Try to Know and Learn Every Type of Work

I had also said before that the person should always have the curiosity to learn something new. Sometimes you feel that this work does not belong to your category, so you should not keep interested in it at all.

I believe that some work does not belong to your category, but that work is related to you. You should also have information about whatever belongs to you.

For example – you use your car to go somewhere. Whenever there is a technical problem in it, then you call the mechanic of the car and the mechanic of the car fix the issue of your car.

The right thing is you should do the same. But suppose when you are going out of the city somewhere in your car. and the tire of your car got punctured in a place where you do not see any help.

Now you do not know how to change the tire of vehicle here, because that work is not of your category.

Friends, what I mean here is that you do not belong to the category or your type, this thinking is not going to benefit you.

If you have already tried to learn how to change a car tire, then you do not need to depend on anyone at that time. You will change the tire of your car and leave it from there easily.

Don’t Look to Back for Expectation

In the way of making yourself independent, if you keep an expectation from someone. It is probably that it can obstruct you are becoming independent. You should not have such a mindset in which you expect something from someone else.

To directly expect something from someone else means that you are depending on it somewhere.

No, you can’t keep expectation anything from anyone.

No need to think about other people thinking

If you are cleaning your car yourself then what will people say about you. Why do you have to think?  you only have to do what can make you happy and independent.

Because if we start thinking about people’s thinking, then our car will remain dust. No friend or other people will come to clean the dust off our car.

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Make Strong Friendship

Make Strong Friendship
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Having strong friendships with someone does not mean you depend on friends. Here it only means that when your relations are good with others. Your confidence level starts increasing automatically and you start becoming confident in yourself.

Don’t Show Yourself as Weak

A person’s weakness in front of others cannot be beneficial to his personality. When a person starts looking weak then your hater starts to stop you in your way.

You are in any bad situation but you should not look weak in front of others. It is not directly related to making you independent. But somewhere indirectly it is very important in making you independent.

Ready to Give Thanks to Helpful Peoples

You can say thank you to the people who help you or someone, then it does not matter whether you are independent or not. No need to feel that you will say thank you for any help, then your self-respect will be affected.

Now, you think so, then it is wrong. If you do not think so and never hesitate to say thanks, then it can be considered one of your good qualities.

The behavior will be Helpful on the Way of Becoming Independent

Small things contribute to a person becoming more confident and independent. These things may not be directly visible to you. but indirectly definitely related to your independence.

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Recognize yourself

In this world, every person has some special qualities. You have to first analyze yourself and find out what is inside you that makes you different from others.

In today’s time, most people do not get the time to think about themselves.

Why would a person who does not have time for himself also consider himself to be self-dependent?

Don’t be lazy

A lazy person, he is his own enemy. He loves to be lazy for some time. but when a person suddenly begins to have responsibilities, then he feels remorse in the past.

This is the mindset, when a person has to complete the task, he does not think about doing that work at the same time. he only thinks about doing it later.

Your habit of being lazy cannot give you anything other than trouble in the future.

But when it comes to your mind that you have to make yourself independent. you must remove the word laziness from your life.

Be Financial Strong to Be Independent

Be Financial Strong to Be Independent
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In today’s time, there is nothing left, but competition remains. If we compare us 100 years ago to the present time, we see a lot of change in it.

Some changes have made to make our life easier. Some changes are such that our life is gradually becoming worse or lazy.

Friends, from these changes, now most of today’s population has dependent on other people or other things.

For Example – In earlier times we did not have a washing machine to wash clothes, so we had to wash clothes with our own hands. We have become dependent on the washing machine, but somewhere it has also made our life easier.

But if there is a person who does not even know how to use the washing machine. he also has to take the help of another person to wash clothes in the washing machine.

what can you do and we say about that person?

You can also be independent using these things. It is also not necessary that you do not use the facilities kept in your house to be self-dependent.

You should use the features that make your work easier, but you should also think about using the facilities that save you time.

In today’s time, money plays an important role in becoming independent. Because when a person comes out of his home, no work can be completed without money.

Your car also needs petrol and money needed to get the petrol filling.

The important thing for you here is that you should first think about being financially independent.

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Open a special Bank Account Dedicated to Save Money

The problem with many people is that when they have money in their pocket or wallet, they spend it easily. So, keeping this in mind, you have to open an account in a bank which should be special for saving.

There should be such rules for that account that when you deposit your money in it. You could not easily withdraw or think about withdrawing that money.

Here, You have to deposit only such amount in your normal bank account which is sufficient for your expenses. You can deposit the remaining amount in your special bank account.

Decide Fix Budget for Whole Month

I had discussed this earlier also. You only know how much money you earn in 1 month.

Now, how much money you have to spend and how much to deposit in your special account is completely up to you.

You should try this whenever the amount comes as salary or other sources in your account. You should transfer the remaining amount to your special bank account by fixing the budget at the same time.

Make Fix Target of Amount for Saving

This trick can also be used to save more money. You can target how much money you have to save within 1 month.

When you have made sure that you should keep trying that even if your normal expenses reduced. There should be no reduction in the amount you have set for saving.

Ignore for Some Time Trending Fashion and Else

Friends, when you have the attention towards the latest fashion. it causes you to reduce your savings. All companies keep making changes in their products after a few days. Because they also have to attract their customer towards their product.

Here, if you can control your emotions a little, then it may be a saving of your money. I do not mean here that you do not spend any money for yourself. Here only this means you have to control your unnecessary expenses.

Because when you need money for some work, then you do not depend on anyone. If you have saved money with time, then that money can make you independent in difficult times.

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Think How Can You Earn More

What are your good qualities, ability, bad qualities?

What can you do in your life?

How many possibilities you have and how much money you can make.  how many possibilities you can make can increase your earnings? You must think about it.

Don’t be Addict of Your Comfort Zone Work

It is easy for a person to enter the comfort zone, but it is very painful and hard for him to get out of the comfort zone. A person who does not even think to get out of his comfort zone, cannot take a step to be independent of his life.

Example – A person who cannot think of walking even 500 meters, has used the habit of walking in a car for every small task.

But when you are ready to become self-dependent, then you should also try to gradually give up such a lifestyle.

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Conclusion of to Be Independent

The first step for any person to become independent is that the person’s thinking should be positive. He can handle any situation easily when his way of thinking is strong.

His efforts should always be that he wishes to do even the smallest tasks himself. If he does not know to do any work, then he should be curious to learn about it.

You can take guidance to understand more about work, but the final decision should be yours. If its results are good or bad, then it should be your responsibility as well.


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