Most of people think How to be flirty with a girl but they hesitate to speak to her. If we go directly to girl and tell her what you want to say, then her reaction can be anything as far as we have seen some negative response will come. So, whenever you flirt with a girl If it is step by step should be done using a little mind, then result will be in your Side. There are many people who do not use common sense at all and do something wrong.

Here are some thoughts that we will be very happy if they work in your life in any way.

Flirty Through Eye With a Girl

Flirty Through Eye With a Girl
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Eyes have a very important role in any relationship to deteriorate and become. When you do not know any girl personally, then you should start your flirty activity through the eyes, friends, the whole world is hidden in your eyes.

Whenever you want to flirt with a girl, in the beginning you can do it make a eyes connection with girl. obviously, if we do not know someone personally then we cannot go straight and talk to someone.

If a girl who studies with you in your college or lives in your neighbour and you want to be flirty with her. Whenever you are face to face with each other, you are in front of her just for a short time.  Join the eyes, you should do this for almost one week, by doing this, she will start knowing something about you despite being unknown.

Then whenever you have to meet her inside a group, you have to try to understand about her mood. You can wink to her (This is very sensitive activity you should think many times before wink). You have to decide what emotion she has towards you.  When you wink to someone then your impression will show just as joke.

To have Fun

In laughing and laughing a person says many things, which is not able to do by being normal. Some girls have the temperament that they like boys of quiet nature, they do not like funny boys at all.  So, for this, you should focus a little attention to know about the gatherings of the girl and know how her nature is. If her nature is contrary to your behavior then there will be a direct conflict between the two of you.

You should bother the girl in such a way that she does not feel worse than that and she keeps on laughing and tolerating your flirting. it will also enjoy you and she will also enjoy your tone of flirting should be funny to the front. Keep in your mind your fun will not be make a reason for her upsetting.

Try to Say About her Beauty

Every Girls like very much to hear the praise of her beauty. You should also flirt with the help of this. It is normal. Whenever you praise a person, then the person has a good attitude towards you.

Many girls have very different eyes. If you find a girl whose eyes looks very good, then whenever you meet her you can flirt with her by giving a little compliment about her eyes.

Girls walking style is also different, then you can say to the girl that I love your waking style because your walking style is so amazing, I loved it and whenever I see you on walking, my eyes just don’t turn away from you. Hearing this, the girl will agree with you with a 100% smile.

Girls are also eager to hear praise for their hair style, whenever you get a chance to be flirty with girl, compliment the hair of the girl sitting with you. When you start praising her hair straight way, it will feel a little strange. So you can start by saying that maybe you have taken great care of your hair so it always shining and looks good on you. She will be show expresses more interest in talking to you after hear this praising.

Friends, we all know that girls are very carrying a lot in fitness. You should take advantage of such a thing; girls are hungry to listen to praise.  You can tell a girl in the same things that you look very sweet compared to other girls.  When you compare a girl to another girl and tell you looks better, then she starts to have some confidence in you.

Flirty Praising about her Nature

Flirty Praising about her Nature

To bring a girl in your talks, you should also talk a little about her nature, that your nature is very good, you don’t think of doing anything bad, you are always ready to help your friends.  That’s why I like to talk to you and you keep your nature in the future as well which looks good to others.

Try to Make Some Lovely Prank

If you keep praising for her always it will bad impression for you. She will come to know that you are flirting with her.

It is not necessary that the girl does not know, but when you talk to her with the same things every day, then she will about you as a fevicol product. She will understand about you that you always talk unnatural things.

If both of you are in a group then it will be very easy for you to do any lovely prank, you can also take the help of your friends for this, it will also make her mind fresh and your impression also good for her. I think she always to show interest to talk to you.

Ask to her for Movie

If you have a good friendship with a girl, then you can also ask to her on the movie, during the movie you can also do some romantic actions with her, but keep in mind that the friendship of both of you should be such that she can bear it all.  If a girl is not supporting you in doing such activities then you should never force her.

Tell Your Feeling to her

If you have had a lot of time talking to your friend, then you can share some of your filings with her. To share some feeling to her is the emotional way to be flirty with girl, as if you can tell her that I like to talk to you, I love your eyes, in your eyes looks some Intoxication, Your lips look like a Rose. When you speak, I only look at your lips. I like very much.

And when you laugh, your eyes can also be seen laughing along with them, happiness is evident in them. When I saw you first time, you left your mark on me the same day because you are so beautiful that Leave your mark on everyone, you can attract every person.

Flirty with Look girl With Smile

A lot of work can be created and can be spoiled by your smile, if you have used a little common sense, then your work will be going according you. Whenever you pass on the way to facing her just give her a little smile so that she will think about you that you are Always happy person and never spoil her mood.

Show to her you in Interested for her

It is normal that you cannot do any advertisement to tell her that you are interested in her. for this you will have to start talking about some of the normal matters of the girl. as if you can ask her that –

  • What do you plan to do in the future.
  • What studies have you done from where.
  • How much member are in your family.
  • which place do you like to go in your life.

The simple thing is that you have to get the things out of her heart and make her feel that you are like a good friend in her difficult times, so that she will find slowly that you are interested for her.

When the girl realizes that you have great respect for her in your heart and you are always interested in talking to her, then that girl will slowly start talking to you more.

Make Smile on her Face

Always keep smiling only you and your friend not smiling in front of you. it will look a bit strange, so you should never miss an opportunity to make smile on her face. you can present some funny jokes.  You can take support or in some filmy style can also display the dialog of a movie in front of her. You should choose a content that can make her smile.

By doing this, that girl will feel that you want to see her happy forever, you care about her.

Ask Funny Question

It can be helpful to ask a funny question to bring a smile on the face of any person, many times the front is more upset then its wrong result comes out. then whenever you ask a funny question from to her, then you should keep in mind that how bad the mood of the her. If you know what is the problem with her then try to give a solution. And if it is necessary to console to her you should give her console.

Praising about her Dressing Sense

It is also a way to praise someone, to say something about her dressing sense, in this too many people make some mistake as if the front person has to say that this dress looks great on you and in other People say that you look great in this dress. There are two means come out –

1st You are so beautiful that why this dressing looks amazing on you and 2nd means come out you are not beautiful but because of this dress your looks great. So, you should understand these words importance.

Your compliment should feel like you are praising her dress as well as her beauty.


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