Mistakes happen to all people in this world.  But after making a mistake, people have a problem of how to apologize now.  It is only by mistakes that a person gets to learn something further.  If a person does not make any mistake at all, it can mean that person does nothing in his life.

For example, suppose you go out of your house and interact with many people, meet them and carry on your business activities.  It is a simple thing to make a mistake somewhere during these tasks.  Because you get out of your house and take part in a lot of work and apply to make them successful.

But suppose there is someone who does not leave his house at all.  All the time he stays at home and does not show any interest in doing any work.  I can easily assume that such a person can never be likely to make any mistake.  Because if this person will not do any work or will not take part in any activity, then how will he make a mistake with him.

Why need to apologize

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If you have made a mistake during any work during any interaction and it has impacted on the person in front of you, then it means that the person in front of you is thinking about you, and that person think something wrong about you.

Suppose you are working in an office and during some work you made a mistake or during a meeting you spoke unnecessarily.  For which everyone is getting disturb (angry) with you.  So, if you have actually made a mistake there, then you have right to apologize for your mistake.  An apology does not diminish a person’s respect.

If you are not realizing your mistake even after making a mistake, then it will change people’s attitude towards you. they will see you as a wrong person.  You cannot even guess what feelings will be made in the minds of the people in front of you. So that in future you will be the only one, his own, your own, his loss.  If you are working in an office, then those people can also make some difficulties in front of you.

What is Apologize

People nowadays have made it so simple to apologize for any small mistake that it has become a common word for the next person to hear sorry from you.  And for a man who appealing sorry, this has become a common word only.

If we make a mistake, you apologize to the next one, it does not mean that you have apologized for your mistake and now everything is correct.  It never happens that apologizing means if we have harmed someone and we are really repentant of that loss.  In that case, you feel guilty and you want to apologize to the person whom you have hurt.  So, let’s say a true apology to such a situation.

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Why Apologize so Difficult

Many times, it happens that a person is repenting because of that mistake and that person is also trying that he should apologize for this mistake.  But now it has been that this person is trying to apologize but he is unable to muster the courage to apologize.  During this time many things come to his mind like.

Thinking How face This Situation Again

Many times, a person makes a big mistake and he does not have the courage to face the situation again.  He just keeps thinking how he will face this problem again.  If you try to apologize in front of that person again, then what will be the reaction of the next person, will he be positive or will he be negative?  Just by thinking such things, he spends his time.

Waiting For The Call From The Front

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Many of your special friends also get upset about anything and you come to him by saying bad words.  But later you realize that you have mistreated your friend.  And maybe you should apologize to your friend for this misconduct.

You think about all this, but again this is the same problem that comes to you. how to apologize to him so that your friend really feels that you feel that you are repenting for your mistake.  And you are trying to apologize absolutely sincerely.

Then you only thinking that when you have to meet your friend again or if his phone comes, you will apologize to him.  But if your friend is really hurt by your words, then he may not call you and maybe he can.  But you should dare to apologize to him without waiting for your friend’s phone call.

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Fear of Being Insulted

It also keeps many people afraid that when they apologize for their mistake, then when you ask for your forgiveness, you may not get insulted or it may happen.  There can be many different situations of being upset for your respect, but as far as you apologize to someone, the person in front of you forgives you.

Just think that if you have made any mistake in your office and you are accepting your mistake and apologizing to everyone in front of you. then there is no work in this to be insulting you.  Maybe everyone in the office will praise you in your office.

If you have misbehaved with a member in your home or have hurt someone with your words, then you should not delay in apologizing at all.  Anyway, the process of apologizing and forgiving keeps going on inside the homes.

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Waiting for Next Time

Sometimes you keep waiting for time even after making a mistake that when the right time comes in front of you, the right time comes and you apologize for your mistake.  This thinking is sometimes right.  As if you have done more harm to someone and you go to apologize at the same time. you will probably never get forgiveness from there.  Because at that time, that event remains absolutely fresh and affects the mind of the next person completely.  So, you should apologize even after some time in such situation.

But you do not have such a situation in front of you and you are still waiting for the right time to come, then this is your only foolishness.

How to Make Apologize

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Understood Your Mistake

You have made a mistake but you are not aware of your mistake.  You are completely unaware of the mistake you have made.  In such a situation if the next person is aware of your mistake but you are unaware of that mistake.  In such a situation, the person in front should tell you about the mistake you have made in front of you.

But many times, even after being told by the person in front, you are not accepting your mistake, for this you may take some time but you should understand your mistake after considering what the person said.

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When you Apologize

You agreed to apologize for your mistake, but with this it is also very important that when you should apologize for your mistake.  For caution in this, you should keep in mind that if someone has reached more than any work done by you.  His mood has completely deteriorated. He is not in the mood to talk to anyone right, so if you try to talk to him, then instead of settling between the two of you, the talk will get worse.

Therefore, taking stock of such situation, you should choose the right time to apologize.

Admit your Mistake

I have seen many such people who never accept their mistake.  We cannot do anything about such people.  But if you are aware of the mistake made by you then you should realize your mistake and you should have the ability to accept your mistake in front of the next.

Show Regret for Your Fault

This is the most important aspect when apologizing to someone.  If we repent of any mistake we have made or the words that hurt someone and we are ready to apologize for this mistake.  Now the most important aspect in this is that it happens that whenever you apologize to someone, then the next person must feel that you are repentant of the mistake you have made and for that you apologize with honesty.

But you too must have seen nowadays that people have made the style of apologizing so simple that neither the speaker feels that he is apologizing to anyone nor to the next person.  Is that someone is apologizing to you.  Just for small things, I am sorry.  While speaking these words, no one is repentant for their mistake, what is the use of such forgiveness.

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It is also seen a lot that the mistakes are made from both the party and not from one party, both parties keep thinking to apologize to each other, why should we apologize first.  In such thinking, they spoil a lot of their time and they get a lot of influence on their relationship or their business.

For this situation, both parties should sit together and amend their mistakes and clear the case.  In such a situation, it is necessary that both the parties accept their mistakes and apologize to each other.

Positive Results of Apologize

Whenever you show your guilty for your mistake and try not to do it again.  In such a situation, after apologizing to you, people have positive way to looks towards you.  You become a responsible person in the eyes of your friends, your senior or your family member.  People have an opinion about you about you, that person apologizes for their mistake and never has the feeling of doing evil to anyone.

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How to Apologize to your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

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There are often normal fights between lovers for some reason. Still, in any quarrel, some one or the other is at fault. And as far as everyone is concerned, at the end of every quarrel, the boy only says sorry to the girl. He does not feel ashamed to say sorry to his girlfriend because he never allows distance in relationship with his girlfriend. That is why every boy only succumbs to the girl.

But this does not mean that the girl is not in love with the boy, the girl always knows that he will say the sorry definitely.  Girls are a bit stubborn.  Every lover couple is bonding each other. they start understanding each other.

 If you want to apologize to your girlfriend, for this you can prepare a gift for her, on which you can write your feelings and give it to her.  So that after accepting your given gift, after reading the message written in it, she will surely forgive you.

And if you want, you can apologize to your girlfriend with a rose flower. This way of apologizing will also feel romantic and she will be happy to see your way and try to forgive you.

Text to your Girlfriend like This

  • Sweetheart i can never be happy without you so you try to forgive me.
  • I tried to spend some time getting angry with you, but that time came to dominate me because you were not with me in that, so you forgive your lover now.
  • Baby, I cannot stay away from you for a long time by disturbing you, now I want to come to you, so I am sorry for my mistake, forgive me.
  • I can never be happy by upsetting your heart so I am ashamed of my mistake.
  • I do not sleep at all with you being angry with me, I only sleep when you are with me, I am sorry for whatever mistake I made.

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How to Apologize to friends

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Sometimes this happens with our friends too, due to which we do not talk directly to our friends for many days.  Friends, nothing is kept in these things that if you are angry with someone, then you will not talk to him.  If the mistake is from your side then you should never delay in apologizing to your friends.  Friends are always ready to hug each other but an important feeling comes in us.  We begin to feel that if I apologize to him, then I will be insulted.

Apologize to friends or to apologize to anyone its cant be disrespect of you, but just one has become our mindset which we should remove from our mind.

You do not need to think much to apologize to friends. If your friendship is from a long time or you have a good friendship, then you can go straight to hug it and tell about your mistake and apologize.

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Friends, in today’s lifestyle, every person is busy with some work and that person sometimes makes a mistake.  In such a situation, the person should never have the feeling that if he apologizes for his mistake, the respect for him will be reduced in the eyes of the people.  If we delay to apologize by mistake then it is seen that there is a lot of distance in those relationships, in such a situation, if you ever feel that you have made a mistake, then apologize for your mistake without any hesitation.

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